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Alibaba Aur Chalis Chor-Alif Laila | Hindi Kahani

Story of Alibaba and the Forty Robbers – Alif Laila

The next night, Malika Shehrzad begins a new story by saying that there lived two brothers named Qasim and Alibaba in Persia. He had got only a small amount of ancestral property. But Kasim was married to the daughter of a rich man. On the death of his father-in-law, he inherited his big shop and also the money buried in the land. So he became a very prosperous businessman. Alibaba’s wife was the daughter of a poor man, so he remained poor. He used to take his three donkeys to the forest every day, and there he used to chop wood and load them on the donkeys, bring them to the city and sell them and feed them.

One day Alibaba went to the forest and cut wood and loaded them on donkeys. He was about to come to the city after driving them, when he was stunned to see the dust flying on one side. After some time he was seen riding from inside that dust. He got scared seeing them.

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He understood that these are robbers, if I have nothing, then they will kill me and take my donkeys. He thought that he should leave the forest quickly but it was not possible because the riders were coming very fast. He drove his donkeys here and there and himself climbed a dense tree from where he could see everything but no one could see him.

There was a very high mountain near that tree. The riders came and landed near the same mountain. Alibaba was convinced that they were dacoits. He had big sacks. In which the property was looted from foreign travelers. Alibaba counted them and they were forty in number. Getting off the horses, they took off their bridles and took off the sacks full of gold and silver. Then his chief went near the steep cliff of the mountain and said, Khul Ja Samsam. Samsam is called sesame in Arabic.

As soon as the Sardar said this, a door opened in the steep rock. The Sardar and his forty nine companions went inside through that door. When they entered, the door closed and it looked like a rock. Alibaba once thought to get down from the tree and load all the reins on a horse and run away on it so that they could not follow it. But there was a fear that if they came out during this period, they would kill him. He was right to think. Because in a short time the door opened and all the robbers came out. After all, the Sardar came out and said, Stop the problem. As soon as he said this, the door closed and the rock came undone. After this, these robbers put bridles on their horses and took empty sacks and went to the same side from where they had come. It was clear that they were going to rob for the second time. In no time they disappeared from sight, and the dust from their horses’ tusks also settled.

Alibaba descended from the tree shortly after their departure. By that time he was convinced that the robbers would not return soon. He went to the rock and wanted to test whether he too could open the door. So he said loudly, Khul Ja Samsam. As soon as he said this, the door opened in the rock. When he went inside, he saw that the cave was very wide and clean. He was very surprised to see that how such a wide space was taken out by digging the mountain. The expansion of the cave was great, but its ceiling was only slightly higher than the height of a man. But here and there, from the holes made on the slopes of the mountain, such light was coming in it that everything was visible.

Alibaba saw that the whole cave was full of valuables. There were bales of all kinds of goods kept there. In many places, from the floor to the ceiling, the places of valuable clothes like Kamkhwab, Chikan, Atlas etc. were kept by law. Apart from this there were boxes of valuable spices and camphor etc. At one end of the cave were kept several chests and many pots filled with asharfis, money etc. It became clear to Alibaba that all this wealth was not deposited only by these forty robbers, but for hundreds of years, the ancestors of these robbers have been depositing it in that cave because as far as the sight could go, valuable things were kept in the cave. used to give.

The door of the cave closed as soon as I entered Alibaba. This door was made in such a way that it closed automatically as soon as people entered. Alibaba brought as many asharfi bags as they could and opened the door by the mantra, loaded the bags on their donkeys and kept some wood to hide them and then said, stop ja samsam. As soon as he said this, the door of the cave closed. Alibaba came to his house driving a donkey as usual. Bringing the donkey inside the house, he closed the door and placed the sticks on one side and the bags of Asharfis on the other. Today he was not worried about the wood. When he took the Ashrafis to his wife, she was very nervous. He understood that Alibaba has planted them by robbing someone or stealing from someone’s place. She called her husband very good and bad and started saying, I am happy in earning a little hard work. I will not even touch the goods that you have looted. Alibaba said, you are a fool I did not get them by committing any crime, if you listen to the whole situation then you will be happy on this divine gift. Saying this, he satisfied his wife by narrating the whole story.

When Alibaba piled them in front of her, the woman’s eyes were dazzled. Then she started counting the Ashrafis. Alibaba said, you don’t understand at all – there are so many asharfis that you will keep counting till evening. Bring it, I dig a pit and bury it so that no one will know about it. His wife said, well, I will not count them, but I do want to guess how many they are. I will weigh them. Saying this she went to Qasim’s house and started asking his wife for the scales. Qasim’s woman wondered what grain came to the people who brought and ate them from the market these days, which she wanted to weigh. To know this, he put some fat in the scales of the scales so that the object to be weighed would stick to them. Alibaba’s woman weighed the asharfis and Alibaba dug a pit in the courtyard of the house and together they buried all the asharfis in it.

When Alibaba’s woman went to Kasim’s house to return the scales, she did not notice in a hurry that there was an Asharfi stuck in a pan of the scales. She returned after giving the scales, while Qasim’s woman saw Asharfi sticking in the scales, she did not understand at first. Then when she understood that the asharfis had been weighed on the scales, she started burning in the fire of jealousy. At the same time, she also began to wonder that from where did a poor woodcutter like Alibaba get so many asharfis that they needed to be weighed. In the evening, when Qasim came home after closing the shop, his wife said in a taunted voice, “You consider yourself very rich.” You are nothing compared to Alibaba. You keep counting the asharfis, he weighs them. Qasim said, what are you talking about? His wife narrated the incident that happened during the day to him. Along with this, Asharfi was also seen sticking in the scales, on which the name of an old emperor was stamped.

Kasim also could not sleep through the night due to jealousy. He got up early the next day and went to Alibaba’s house and said, Brother, why do you excuse your poverty to people when you have immense wealth. You have so many asharfis that you do not have the time to count them. Alibaba got hit but he said, Brother, I don’t understand what you mean. Everyone knows that I am a poor woodcutter. Qasim said, don’t try to lie to me. Look, you weighed countless such asharfis yesterday or not? To weigh them, your woman had brought a scale from me yesterday. Saying this, he placed Ashrafi in front of Alibaba.

Now Alibaba came to know that Qasim’s woman has learned the secret of the Ashrafis by putting some adhesive in the scales. He narrated the whole incident of the previous day in detail. Qasim said, it is known from your words that the robbers will not come back for two or four days. So you just tell me completely where is that place and what is its identity. Rather you don’t go today, you brought a lot of money. Also tell me what is the mantra to open the door. If you do not tell, I will arrest you for theft. Alibaba was compelled and told him everything. Qasim took ten mules and started towards that forest. He soon found that place and when he opened and said Samsam, then the door also opened.

Qasim left the mules outside and went inside the cave. As soon as he entered, the door closed. When Kasim saw so much wealth, he started dancing with joy. He kept on examining everything thoroughly. Not only did he get late in this affair, but he also forgot the mantra of Samsam openly. At last he made ten heavy loads of the most precious coins and gems and brought them to the door, but since he had forgotten the right word, he would sometimes say open wheat. Sometimes he says open barley and the door remains closed. Now his life started drying up that he would die of hunger and thirst in this cave. It was a matter of coincidence that the robbers also looted from somewhere and came on the same afternoon. When he saw ten mules tied outside the cave, he wondered who had brought these mules here. When I looked around, no one was seen.

In the end, leaving the concern of the mules, he thought of keeping the property he had brought in the cave. The Sardar said, Khul ja samsam, and the door opened as soon as he said this. Kasim had already understood that the robbers had come. He ran out to save his life as soon as the door opened but the bandits caught him there. They dragged him inside the cave and killed him and cut his body into four pieces. They debated for a long time on how this man came to know the secret of this cave. And who told him the trick to open the secret door?

Even after arguing for a long time, they did not reach any conclusion. They decided that the corpse should be allowed to rot inside the cave because throwing it out was in danger of being noticed by others. They threw the pieces of the corpse here and there near the door and came out hurriedly with the loot. Little did he know that the Asharfis had diminished because of the hustle and bustle of Qasim. They came out and carried Kasim’s mule as well and were convinced that now no one knows their secret.

Even after nightfall, when Qasim did not return home, his wife came to Alibaba’s house. He did not know what had happened between Alibaba and Qasim and what Alibaba had told him. He said to Alibaba, Brother-in-law, where have you gone with ten mules a day? Told me that I will come back in two to three hours. When it was late, I also asked in the shop. There the servants told that the master did not come today. Now it is night. He hasn’t come yet. I do not understand what to do and whom to ask, you find out something about them.

Alibaba’s head bowed that something went wrong somewhere in the forest. In appearance he said, Sister-in-law, don’t panic. Brother is a smart man, there are no children. Must have been left somewhere due to some important work. Will come by morning. Where to search at night anyway. The city gate must also have been closed so can’t even go out. Qasim’s wife was compelled to return home. She was anxious for her husband all night and cried secretly. She had to suppress her voice because she had sensed some mystery in her husband’s disappearance and did not want the neighbors to know about it. She cursed herself time and again why she was jealous of Alibaba’s fate and why she provoked her husband, no longer knowing what trouble he was in.

In the morning she went to Alibaba again and she said, your brother hasn’t returned yet. Find out something Alibaba sent consolation to his brother-in-law and sent his own three donkeys to the forest and reached the same cave. He saw some blood leaking from inside there, not even one of the ten mules was outside. He was convinced that a bad thing had happened to Kasim. Looking here and there, he said, open the problem. The door opened and closed as soon as he entered.

Alibaba was shocked as soon as they entered. Two pieces of Kasim’s corpse were lying on both sides near the door. It did not take him long to understand that the robbers came back as soon as Qasim was alive and they killed him and also took the mule. He picked up a sheet from there and made a bundle of pieces of Kasim’s body. Many more Asharfis were also filled in two sacks and came out after opening the door with the mantra. He loaded Qasim’s corpse on one donkey and Ashrafis on the other two, and hid them with wood, and came to his home intelligently through the city. He gave the sacks of Ashrafis to his wife, but did not tell her anything about Qasim and with the third donkey, he reached Qasim’s house. On giving voice, Kasim’s maid, whose name was Marzina and who was very smart, opened the door. Alibaba closed the door with a donkey inside and told Marjina about Qasim and said, I do not understand how to tell its death and how to bury this fragmented body. After thinking something, Marjina said, you take care of the mistress. I’ll fix the rest.

When Alibaba went to his nephew, he said, what news did you bring? God bless all There is sadness on your face. Alibaba told him that Kasim’s body was found in four pieces. When she started crying, Alibaba scolded her and said, what do you do sister-in-law? Brother has gone, do you now want to open all the secrets by beating you? If people come to know the truth, then it will come on the lives of all of us. Either the city kotwal will hang us in the greed of our money accusing us of killing Qasim or the bandits will come and kill us if they come to know about it. Qasim’s woman said, where will I go, what will I do? I don’t even have a boy who can handle the shop. Alibaba said, later everything will be fine, I will marry you. My wife is intelligent, she will not quarrel with you. First make arrangements for the burial of your brother. Qasim’s woman silently started shedding tears.

On the other hand, Marjina first went to an attar shop and asked him for the medicine to be given to the dying patient. When Attar asked who was so sick, he said that the condition of my master is very bad. Attar gave a medicine and said that if it does not cure then come again, I will give more effective medicine. Taking medicine, Marjina went to an old cobbler who lived in a distant locality. The cobbler’s name was Mustafa. It was dark in his shop but he was working hard. Marzina said, Baba Mustafa, you seem to be a very intelligent man, doing such delicate sewing in such darkness. The cobbler laughed and said, girl, what do you understand? Let me cut you in more darkness than this and reconnect you. Marjina came near and whispered and said, Baba, don’t cut me and join me. But such is the work. Price will be good, but no one knows. You will get an Ashrafi. In the greed of Asharfi, the old man agreed. Marjina said, But in front of that crossroads I will blindfold your eyes. The old man was not ready for this at first. But when Marjina promised to give him one more Ashrafi, he agreed.

By that time it was dark. Coming to the crossroads, Marjina blindfolded him and brought him by the streets to his house. The old man was consummate. He counted his steps and kept track of the turns. After taking it home, he showed the dead body of Qasim kept in a cell to him and said, “These pieces have to be made into a complete body.” What was Mustafa to do knowing the difference? He made the whole body in pieces in two hours. Marjina gave him three asharfis instead of two and said, I will bring you back to the square in front of your shop, just like I brought you. This extra ashrafi is because you keep this thing a secret. Mustafa made this promise.

Marzina left Mustafa at the crossroads opposite her shop in the night with her blindfolded. At home, he and Alibaba together bathed the corpse and wrapped it in a shroud. The next morning, Marjina went to Attar again crying and said to him, “Give me the other medicine you used to say.” The condition of the owner is happening now. It is not known whether he will be able to take this medicine or he will die already.

Attar gave the medicine and Marjina went away. Attar also told other people about Qasim’s condition. Qasim was a respected person of the locality, so many people came to his door to inquire about his condition. Within no time, the sounds of weeping and beating started coming from inside the house and within ten or five minutes Alibaba came wiping away the tears. He told the people that Qasim had a fatal disease yesterday morning and died this morning.

Everyone regretted it. Many more people from the locality came. The Imam of the Masjid also came. The body was taken to the local cemetery and buried. The Imam of the Masjid offered the funeral prayer and thus the talk of Qasim’s natural death from illness became famous in the locality. Alibaba sat in the house for forty days and mourned for his brother according to the ritual. After Chehallum he moved to his elder brother’s house, which was naturally quite tall and wide, and his wife and only son lived there. After the period of mourning ended, Alibaba had married his widow Bhavaj. Alibaba’s son, who had learned to trade with a merchant, took care of Qasim’s shop and Alibaba lived comfortably at home.

On the other hand, after two or four days, the robbers again came to the cave, they were very surprised to see that the pieces of the dead body of the man who had been killed were missing. Along with this, he also saw that four or five sacks of Asharfis have also disappeared from the heap of Asharfis. The bandits thought that this was a very bad thing, apart from the dead man, there is someone who knows the secret of the cave and the way to open it, he has also taken away the pieces of the dead body and also the money. It is clear that he will be a relative of the deceased, but when the deceased is not known, then how can the relative be known.

The Sardar said, Brothers, sitting with your hands on your hands will not work. The man who knows our secrets will rob us and our forefathers’ wealth. None of us can even live here because we have made a storage place away from our place of residence, someone living here will reveal our secret. The smartest one among you should go to the city and roam around the neighborhood and find out and work smartly. Now only need to know which man has been killed in pieces and is buried. Rest of the work will be seen later. Whoever finds this out will receive a hefty reward in addition to his share of the spoils. But there is also a condition that in case of failure, he will be given the death penalty.

A robber undertook this task. Coming to the city, he wandered around in many neighborhoods, but he could not find anything. By chance he went to Mustafa Cobbler. He said Baba, even at this age, you work with such intelligence in a dark place. The old man was blown away hearing the praise. Forgetting the promise, he said, oh what is this work? A few days ago, I made a whole body in the dark by sewing four pieces of a corpse. The robber said in artificial surprise, why did you make a cut man? Mustafa said, Brother, I have told you that thing by mistake. I promised to keep that a secret. Now I will not talk to you about this, but I will not talk to you either.

The robber put an ashrafi on his hand and said, I will not ask about this at all. All you do is tell me the house where you had taken the pieces of the dead body. Mustafa panicked. He said, take back your asharfi. I cannot tell the house because a maid took me blindfolded at night from that crossroads and left me there just like that. The robber gave him an ashrafi and said, Baba, you are a very smart man. I will come at night and blindfold your eyes. you take me there.

The old man got greedy. He said, good brother, you come at night. Work is very dangerous, but if you insist so much, it has to be done. Even in the night, Mustafa did not close the shop but did not even light a lamp in the shop. When the robber arrived, he took him to the crossroads where the robber blindfolded him. Mustafa would count his steps and ask to turn right or left after a certain number of times. Finally he stayed at one place and said that he had come here and the maid had taken me to the house on that side. The robber opened his eyes and said, “Can you tell which house it is and to whom?” I can’t even go back to the square of my shop with my eyes open, you just tie me up and take me back. I do not know whose house is here, I live in a distant locality.

The robber did not argue with him. The cobbler made a mark with chalk on the door of the house which he had told with closed eyes. Then he blindfolded Mustafa and left him at the intersection of his shop. Throughout the night he stayed at his residence in the same city. Waking up the next morning, he went to his party and told the whole story of how he blindfolded the old cobbler of such a locality and went to the house where the cobbler had made the whole body by stitching four pieces and apparently he was the same man. was the corpse that we had killed. Sardar said, okay, come tonight with me and show me that house.

Here in the morning, when Marjina came out of the house, she found a chalk mark on her door. He was shocked because he knew about the bandits. He took a stone in his hand and made the same mark on the ten and twelve houses around him as it was on his house. When the spy robber came there with his chieftain and two other companions in the night, he saw that similar marks were made on many houses.

The detective robber was very upset seeing this. He could not recognize the house he had marked at all. He swore that I had marked only one door and did not know at all how the other doors were marked. Sardar came to the forest with all his companions and was given the death sentence as per the condition announced earlier. It should be remembered that dacoits are as ruthless and for the people as they are for their comrades and on such occasions they do not care how loyal any of their companions have been to them till now.

After killing that spy robber and disposing of his body, the robbers again began to think about how to find the man who had come to know the secret of the cave. The Sardar increased the amount of the prize and promised to give some part of it in advance. After some time another robber took the initiative to find out the man who went to the cave and took away the Ashrafis and also the dead body of the dead person. Sardar sent him off by giving him an advance reward. The robber kept asking here and there for a few days, then he also reached Mustafa Cobbler. Mustafa was used to receiving such a heavy reward and was convinced that there was no danger in the deal, so he soon agreed to the fact that he would be blindfolded at night. Tie it and take it to the desired building. The second spy, having reached there and convinced about the house, put a red mark next to the white mark on it and remembered it well.

For the second time even that red mark could not escape from Marjina’s sharp eyes. Now he is convinced that someone is trying to mark Qasim’s house in which Alibaba now lived with an evil intention. He made similar small red marks next to white marks in all the neighboring houses early in the morning.

Here the second spy went to his chieftain and started telling him that I have put such a mark which will not be easily visible to anyone. When the Sardar reached there in the night with two companions and a spy robber, everyone saw that the same deception had happened as before. All the houses in the locality have similar marks. The second spy robber was also very ashamed and when the robber reached his base, he started begging for his life from the chieftain. But the Sardar did not want to weaken the discipline of the party by showing any laxity, so he got him killed too.

Seeing the failure and death of two spy bandits, who would be ready to find out the wanted person now. So Sardar himself decided to do this work. He also reached Mustafa Cobbler’s place and after giving him Asharfis, blindfolded his eyes and reached in front of Alibaba’s house. He had seen that the method of marking the house had failed twice, so he turned around and identified all the houses well. Also remembered the special signs of Alibaba’s house. The next day in the afternoon, he went to that locality and inquired about Alibaba and found out that he is a guest-loving person of calm and gentle nature.

The chieftain of the bandits plans to kill Alibaba by going back to his base. He wanted to do this work silently. He sent his men for thirty-eight big oil flasks in which a man could easily sit down by shrinking and asked for nineteen mules. He made his remaining thirty-seven companions sit in a flask each and to complete the balance, filled oil in one cup to the top. Then hanging two flasks here and there on a mule and left for the city. In addition to the flasks, the Sardar also got food for thirty-seven men kept with him.

Everyone also had a sharp knife. Sardar explained the plan to everyone that we would stay in Alibaba’s house and in the middle of the night when my thrown pebbles hit the flasks, all the dacoits would come out by slicing their respective flasks and killing Alibaba and his family members in the night. Hide here and there in the city quietly at night and come out of the city in the morning and return to your base. All the bandits liked this plan.

After lighting the lamp in the evening, Sardar reached Alibaba’s house with his nineteen mules in the guise of a merchant. He let the mule out and went inside himself. Alibaba was sitting in its meeting. The Sardar saluted him and said, “Sir, I am an oil merchant who has come from outside and have brought oil to be sold by the merchants here.” I got late on the way and didn’t even get a place in any inn at this time. If you permit, I will tie my mules in your yard and have oil flasks kept. In the morning I will load them again on the mules and go to the oil market.

Alibaba agreed to make him a guest. He asked his man to take off the flasks and arrange hay for the mules, but the dacoit Sardar said that I have a grain of mules. Alibaba could not even recognize his voice in his changed disguise. He said, You dine with me and a room has been set up outside for you, sleep in it. Think of it as your own home. He asked Marzina to cook a good meal for the guest. At the same time he ordered, tomorrow morning I want to bathe in the hammam, so take off a pair of my new clothes to my servant Abdullah. Also, I want to drink nutritious yakhni (meat juice) before bathing, that too at night so that it is well prepared by morning. Marzina said, all these things will happen.

The robber Sardar and Alibaba after having their meals went to their respective rooms and lay down and slept. The robber thought that he should take a sleep because after midnight he had to stay awake all night. Here Marjina took out clothes for Alibaba and gave them to Abdullah. Then she started preparing to offer Yakhni. Incidentally, the oil of the kitchen lamp ran out at the same time. There was no oil to burn in the house. When she was upset, Abdullah said, why do you cry? The merchant has kept so many flasks. Take a little oil from him, what will the merchant know? Marjina said, then you bring the oil. Abdullah said, I have to wake up early in the morning and go to the hammam with the owner. I go to sleep. You bring the oil Saying this Abdullah left.

When Marjina took a bowl and reached near a flask to get oil, the robber hiding in it understood that the chieftain had come. He asked, is it time, Sardar? Marjina stood shocked. But he kept his senses right. After a moment he said with a loud voice, not now. Then she went to all the wells where she was asked the same question and she answered there. In just one flask, he got the oil filled to the top. He quickly took the oil and climbed the yakhni, then lit a fire in a big furnace and placed the biggest lamp of the house on it. Then after going several times, he poured all the oil of the flask into the cauldron. When the oil boiled a lot, he took the boiling oil in a dough and poured it one by one in all the wells. Those robbers were dead before their knees, when the boiling oil spilled over, they died in agony, their screams did not even get louder. After doing all this, Marjina started preparing yakhni.

At midnight, the robber Sardar started throwing pebbles but there was no movement in any of the flasks. Although everything was visible in the moonlight, the Sardar understood that the robbers were asleep. He got up angrily. Opening the door silently, he went inside the compound and by stumbling in the flask tried to wake up the robber. Still, there was no movement, so he peeped into the flask. He smelled of oil and burnt flesh. When he opened the mouth of the flask, a burnt and dead fellow came out inside. Then he went to the other cups. In all he saw this condition that the robbers were burnt and dead. He also saw that the oil cup was empty. He understood that someone had killed his companions with his oil. He started cursing his fate. Where he had come thinking that by killing Alibaba and securing his funds, it happened here that his entire team was destroyed. The dacoit Sardar sat down for a while, resting his hands on his head.

Then he organized himself. It was necessary for him to save his life. The team would slowly build up again, he could not open the door and go because it was locked. So he climbed on the wall and jumped out onto the road, running away and hiding somewhere. Marjina saw him leaving his room, going to the wells and then climbing on the wall and jumping outside. He thought that the band of bandits had ended but their chief was surviving. What would he do alone? Can’t even rob alone. At least that night he couldn’t do anything. So Marjina took out the flame under the yakhni and went to her cell and slept.

Alibaba got up in the dark and took Abdullah to the hammam. When he returned after two or three hours, he saw that the mules were tied in the same way and the oil bottles were kept in the same way. He said to Marzina, didn’t the oil merchant wake up just now. He should have been in the market by this time. Marjina said, Lord, may God bless you with a long life. The merchant fled. You have breakfast, then I will tell you the whole situation.

That’s why I’m isolated. First of all, take a peek into those cups and see. Alibaba was shocked. When he peeped into a flask, he saw a dead man. He then ran to Marjina and said that tell me what is the matter. Marjina said that you sit leisurely. I will tell you the whole situation. There was a great danger to your life last night but by the grace of God that danger has been averted.

Of those thirty-eight wells, only one contained oil and the dacoits were hiding in the rest. That merchant was their chieftain. I suspected for the last four-five days that someone is trying to do you harm. I also became alert and took precautions according to my understanding, which was successful by the mercy of God. One day I saw a white chalk mark on the door of the house. I understood that someone wanted to identify your house with bad intentions. That’s why I made similar chalk marks on all the doors of the locality, so that the identity of your house would end. After two or three days I noticed that a small red mark has formed near the white mark. I am convinced that this is the action of one of your enemies. You cannot have any enemy in your city. That’s why I thought that it is the cavemen who are after you. I made similar red marks on the doors of all the houses of the locality near the white marks, in this way once again those people The plan failed. I didn’t say anything to you at that time because you don’t believe me, it was useless and people would have spread the word and it was also possible that the bandits would have come to know about your home.

But in spite of my silence, the bandits somehow found your house and Sardar, you had brought here thirty seven companions with one oil bottle after locking them in oil bottles. He appears to have killed two of his comrades when the spying failed. Otherwise he would have brought twenty mules and forty nine of his companions on them. The way I came to know about the identity of that businessman, consider it to be God’s grace. When you asked to make Yakhni, first I took out a pair of clothes from your chest for you and gave it to Abdullah. At the same time, the kitchen lamp started getting extinguished due to lack of oil. Abdullah suggested that the merchant take some oil from the flasks. He himself went to sleep because today he had to go to the hammam with you.

When I went to get oil with a bowl, the robber hiding from a flask asked, “What time has come?” I understood that these robbers have come to kill you. I replied that it has not come yet. Similarly, I heard the same question from within thirty-seven wells and gave the same answer. I slowly brought the oil of the last cup to the kitchen and put it on a large oven and put that oil in it and heated it. When the oil started boiling, filled the oil in a bowl and poured it into all those wells. In the middle of the night, I saw that pebbles were coming from the room where the merchant was staying and putting them in the flasks. I understood that this was a sign to let the bandits out and kill us all. I kept looking Then I saw that the dacoit chief, who turned merchant, came down and, finding his companions dead, sat holding his head for a while. He then climbed the outer wall and jumped towards the road. I also heard the sound of him running on the road. so when i

Alibaba stared stunned for a while. Then said, Marjina, you are a slave to say, but you have done more work than your relatives. I don’t know what to reward you. I still don’t know what to do with these corpses, and mules and culls.

Marjina said, the owner, the chief or at the most, two of his companions must be left. There is no immediate threat from them as of now. At this time you call all the servants of the house and dig a big hole in the yard, then send the servants out to work. After this, we take out the corpses from both the wells and fill it in the pit and put soil on the top of the pit and press it so that even the mark of the pit is not visible. Alibaba liked his opinion. He dug a huge pit with the servants, then sent the servants out and put the dead bodies in the pit with the help of Marzina and closed the pit. One by one he sold all the flasks and mules in the market.

The chieftain of the bandits did not get relief even after going to his residence. His entire crew was over. He had to gradually build up a new bandit party by doing sporadic plunderings anew. Also Alibaba was still alive which could capture all its treasure. He spent a day in this confusion. Then he came to the city thinking that Alibaba would not be able to hide the thirty-seven corpses and possibly even get the death penalty for the crime of killing so many people. So he stayed at an inn and started asking Bhatiyare about the city news. Bhatiyars enjoy reciting these things. But Bhatiyara could not tell the news he wanted to hear. He did similar reconnaissance in a couple of other inns, but did not hear anywhere that the emperor would have arrested Alibaba on charges of killing thirty-seven men. Had this been the case, the only enemy of the robber chieftain would have been killed without moving his hands and feet, but this was not to happen.

The dacoit Sardar understood that Alibaba was simple to look at but was really wise that not only brought his brother’s corpse and buried it secretly by stitching its pieces, but also the corpses of his thirty-seven companions. Cleverly stabbed. Taking revenge on such a man was not an easy task. Still, the robber Sardar did not give up the idea of ​​killing Alibaba. He thought that only after killing this man a new party should be organized.

He finds out that Alibaba lives at Qasim’s house but his son lives in his old house and runs the shop of his late uncle. The robber Sardar started his revenge on his son. He bought a shop opposite Qasim’s shop and started sitting in it keeping business goods and made his name Khwaja Hasan famous. Within a few days, he made a deep friendship with Alibaba’s son who was very civilized and well educated. After talking here and there for several days, he came to know that he did not know anything about the treasure of the cave. It was clear that he i.e. Alibaba’s son had no apprehension of bandits and that the son could establish contact with the father. Alibaba himself used to go to the shop to see his son. The robber recognized him from afar. He befriended Alibaba’s son so much that he started hanging out with him every day and invited him to his house several times to see his wonderful

Alibaba’s son said to his father one day, a new businessman, Khwaja Hasan, has become a close friend of mine. He has taken me to his house and fed me many times. I also want to invite him to my place for a meal. But my house is so small that it will not be able to properly arrange a feast. So if you give permission, then arrangements should be made for his feast in your good house. Alibaba said, tomorrow is Friday, the market will be closed. You roam around and bring him here in the evening. I will arrange for his feast. Marjina will prepare a good meal.

On the second day in the evening, Alibaba’s son and dacoit Sardar came to Alibaba’s house while walking. The robber had already realized this and had come preparing for the murder of Alibaba. When Alibaba’s son said that this is my father’s house, the robber said to show it, let it be. Why should we interfere in the comfort of the elderly man. They will be hurt by my passing. You go away. I go back Alibaba’s son said, he will not have any trouble, he will be happy. When I mentioned you to him, he said that if there is an opportunity, I will meet Khwaja Hassan. You go inside Alibaba’s son introduced his friend to his father after bringing him home, Alibaba said, I am very happy to meet you. This child has admired you more than me. I know you love it more than I love it.

The robber Sardar said, he is so gentle and gentle that who would not love him. Their youth is only but their intelligence, tact and seriousness are more than most adults. Why not, this son belongs to a gentleman like you. Similarly, for a long time, cordial and courteous things continued between them.

Then the robber Sardar asked permission to go home. Alibaba said, what are you saying this. You will not leave here without eating, but tonight you will be a guest at my cottage. I know that here you will not get the comfort of your home, nor will you deserve the dry food of our house. Still, to my pleasure, you accept my request. The robber said, by doing such things you are putting me to shame. What are you missing here? But I have some compulsion. I don’t eat anywhere other than at home. The reason is that I have a disease in which salt cannot be eaten at all. Alibaba said, what is this difficult. Now I will arrange food for you without salt.

He came in and told Marzina, Our guest does not eat salt because of a disease. Whatever you make for him should be without salt. Marjina did not speak to Alibaba, but hiding behind the curtain of the meeting, who is this person who does not eat salt and has come here on foot even after taking such a big disease. If I looked closely, it was recognized that this is the same evil dacoit Sardar who had stayed with us a few months back as an oil merchant. When she came to serve food, she saw the robber hiding a sharp knife in his clothes. She understood that this salt is not being eaten because it is a heinous moral offense to kill the person whose salt is eaten with one’s hand. Last time his companions would kill him, that’s why he did not abstain from salt that time. Marjina decided that I should kill her before it kills Alibaba.

When Alibaba, his son and the dacoit chief had finished eating, Abdullah and Marjina picked up the utensils there and placed a tripod on which were kept a jug of fragrant wine and three cups.

Both of them made it appear that they would now have food. The robber Sardar was waiting for this that if the servant goes to eat food, then I should finish Alibaba’s work and finish it with one knife and go out by climbing the wall of the garden and if Alibaba’s gentle son resists, then he should kill me too Marjina’s eyes were sharp. She understood from the look of the robber’s eyes what his intention was. He told Abdullah that you play well, show your wonder even in front of the guest of the master. We will eat food later also. Abdullah agreed to this.

Within a couple of minutes, both of them came to the main room. Abdullah was dressed in musical instruments and had a burial in his hand. Marjina dressed as a dancer, put on a silk turban on her head and tied a golden patka around her waist with a knife slit. Coming into the main room, he asked Alibaba for permission to allow him to entertain the guest by dancing. Alibaba happily gave permission. The dacoit Sardar also compulsively agreed because by refusing he would risk his secret being exposed.

Marjina performed different types of dances. Abdullah was also an artist. He sang happily. Pleased with the dance instrument, Alibaba and his son gave each one ashrafi reward. The robber Sardar also rewarded both of them with one Asharfi each. Marjina understood from the eyes of the robber that now he was about to order the dance to stop singing, he decided that if the robber is not killed at this time, he will kill the owner and his son and till now Marjina has done whatever Everything you did will be found in the soil.

Now I will show you my best and last dance. This is called the dance of the knife and nobody in this country knows it except me. You guys will be very happy to see this. Saying this, Marjina pulled the knife from her waist. This knife was very sharp and was shining brightly in the light of the candles. Then he started dancing fast. Turning the knife very fast, she showed that she wanted to stick the knife in her heart. Then he did the same thing with Abdullah, then danced and danced five or six times that sometimes he would take the tip of the knife to his heart and sometimes till Abdullah’s heart. The host and the guests were all delighted by this dance. Then Marjina danced and went to Alibaba and touched her heart with the tip of the knife. After showing this game twice with Alibaba, he did the same twice with his son. Then she danced and went to the robber. He sat motionless as Alibaba and his son did. but this Bar Marjina struck with all her might and put the whole knife in his heart. The dacoit Sardar, after suffering for a moment, became cold.

Alibaba got out of shock and cried out, “Unfortunate you killed my guest and put the stigma of friendliness on my head.” You will be punished for this. Marjina said, the one who was punished got punished. God protected you. It is not your friend but your ultimate enemy. You could not recognize this dacoit chieftain after seeing twice and today would have been killed by his hands. I was skeptical of not eating its salt and I saw what it was hiding in its clothes. Look at this Saying this, he removed the robber’s clothes and showed the hidden knife. He said that the work which he could not do as a trader of oil, he wanted to do as Khwaja Hasan, today it would not have gone without killing you.

Alibaba got up and hugged Marjina and said, you saved my life many times. I will not be able to give you full revenge for this favour, yet I will do whatever I can. I free you from bondage at this very moment. I want to make you my daughter-in-law. Saying this he asked his son whether you accept this offer or not. He immediately accepted this proposal and in a couple of days he was married to Marjina.

Then the four together buried the dead body of the robber Sardar cleverly inside the house in such a way that no one would know about it. Abdullah also got a heavy reward. The marriage of Alibaba’s son with Marjina took place with great pomp and dances continued for several days. A few days later, Alibaba told his son in detail about the hidden treasures of the bandits. He also took her there and showed the cave doors open. For several days both of them kept checking whether there was any robber left or not. When for many days they did not see the marks of any horse and did not see any change in the treasure, both kept bringing little treasure hidden in their house for several days and emptied the cave. Then not only both of them but their many generations lived happily.

When Shahrzad finished this story, Duniyazad asked him to narrate more stories. It was morning that day, so the next day Shahrzad started a new story.

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