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Emperor Salamat, you know that for thousands of years, Nauroz, the first day of the year, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Persia. In it all the people especially fire worshipers, various dances and sports-tamashas are organized. The emperors and feudatories are given good gifts by their admirers and assistants, beautiful and rare things of the country and abroad are presented to them and the emperors and rich people also give thousands of rupees in reward to their loyal companions and servants. In the olden days, a Persian emperor went to the ground outside the city to take part in the festival of Nauroz. All his courtiers, feudatories and prominent officials came and gave valuable gifts in his service. Eminent artists and artisans gifted their made beautiful items.

Among them was a very clever Hindu artisan who had come from India. He saluted the emperor by bowing down to the ground and presented a horse made in mechanical form. He said, Prithvipala, this insignificant servant has worked tirelessly for many years to make this wonderful thing to serve you. You will not find such a thing in the whole world. What is there to see? No one has even heard of such a thing. The emperor insisted on the theory and said, why do you call it a wonderful thing? It is only a horse made of wood, on which you have put a golden silver ornament. Our craftsmen can make beautiful wooden horses out of it. I don’t see anything special from this horse.

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The artisan said, Government, I am not talking about the decoration and decoration of my horse. Certainly, in appearance and appearance, it can make good horses. But there is such a wonderful workmanship in this horse which cannot be seen anywhere. No one can even think of making such a horse, I request again. It has such screws which, when I turn it, or any other person whom I may explain about its instruments, can travel through the sky on this horse, this horse flies like a bird. It is so quick that it can come back after traveling for many years. If you have permission, I will sit on it and show you its tricks.

The king was very happy to hear this. He had not even thought of such a thing. He said to Hindustani, show the amazingness of this horse. The Indian artisan, putting his foot in the left ribcage, jumped up and sat on the back of the horse. He collected five in both the ribs and holding the reins said to the king, where am I ordered to go? About three miles from the Persian capital, Shiraz, where the celebration was taking place, there was a high mountain that was visible from the capital. The king said, are you seeing that mountain? Although it is not far from here, but such a distance is enough to test your horse. There is a palm tree at the foot of that mountain. You bring a leaf of it.

The whole thing had not yet come out of the emperor’s mouth that the Indian artisan twisted a screw in the horse’s neck. The horse suddenly rose from the earth to the sky and started flying towards the mountain with the speed of the wind and soon disappeared from sight. Seeing this, all the courtiers and the nobles and other people were very surprised and words of praise of the horse started coming out of everyone’s mouth. After five to seven minutes the horse came back with its artisan rider. In the hand of the craftsman was a branch of a palm tree. He got off the horse and presented the twig to the emperor.

The king was very happy to see this. He asked the Indian artisan the price of that horse. The craftsman said, Jagadhipati, I did not bring this horse for sale, but I can present it to you on the condition that whatever wish I express may be fulfilled. The king said, what do you want? There are many beautiful states and cities in our country. Let me make you the ruler of wherever you want. The artisan said, I do not want the authority. I wish for a little more than that. But before stating that wish, I want to take an undertaking from you that you will not be angry and will not punish me. When the emperor gave the promise, the Indian said, I want to marry the princess. Hearing this, the courtiers and the feudal lords were filled with anger, but seeing the emperor silent, they too remained silent. Firoz Shah, the eldest son of the emperor, became red with anger after hearing this. He started saying to the emperor, If you had not promised, I would have taught this lowly artisan a lesson. Its courage that forgetting his status wants to marry my sister. We will not be able to show our faces to any king. You throw it away immediately. Tell me to take your spectacle horse and go back to India or else you will lose your life. But the king said to him in a low voice, but such a horse will not be found anywhere in the world.

When the prince saw that the emperor was so engrossed in the horse that he was even ready to make an Indian artisan of low status as his son-in-law, he tried to avoid the matter. He went to the craftsman and said, the king can take your horse safely. But before that it is necessary that I myself sit on it and test it. The craftsman said, “Very good. You must definitely sit on it and test it. Firoz Shah immediately sat down on the horse. He was also an inexperienced young man and his mind was boiling with the proposal of an Indian artisan. As soon as he sat on the horse, he twisted the neck of the horse without asking anything and the horse disappeared in the sky.

The craftsman with folded hands said to the emperor, “Master, the prince has done it very quickly, I could not tell him which are the buds in the horse.” He probably thinks that all the work will be done with one screw of the horse. The reality is that there are different stages for getting a horse on, off, turning, etc. I would have explained everything to him but he flew away all of a sudden. Now if any misery happens to the prince, then it should not be considered my fault.

The king was very upset on hearing this. He thought that the prince must have bad luck. Thinking of this he started banging his head. He said to the Indian artisan, this is all your mischief. You deliberately did not tell the prince about the condition of the horse so that his life would be in danger. But I will not leave you alive either. He said, Government, I have no fault. Everything has happened right in front of you. As soon as Yuvraj sat on the horse, he turned the screw that started it. Where did he give me this opportunity to tell him about the other tricks of the horse? Still don’t be disappointed. There is also an unscrewing screw near it. Whenever the prince’s hand falls on him by chance, he will come to earth.

This did not satisfy the emperor. He said, suppose that his hand fell on the second screw of the horse and he also came down, but he did not know when his hand fell and where he landed. What if he landed on a very high mountain or landed in a river? The artisan said, don’t worry about it. When he landed in the river, no matter how deep or wide the river might be, the horse would safely bring its rider to the shore. Then the prince knows the steer of the horse, he will not land anywhere other than the settlement. The king said, whatever happens, I will put you in captivity and if the prince does not come back in three months, I will get you killed. Saying this he called off the festival and imprisoned the artisan.

On the other hand, when Firoz Shah flew in the sky, it became so high that the mountains looked like lumps of mud. Now he wanted to go down to his capital. He twisted the turning screw in the opposite direction but the horse continued on. He turned the screw in various ways but the horse did not come down. Firoz Shah was very frightened by this, but the horse kept on moving faster. Firoz Shah kept looking at the horse’s head and neck for a long time. After a long time he found a small screw under the horse’s right ear. When he turned it, the horse started coming down but by now it was too late. By now one and a half hour night had passed and Firoz Shah did not know where he was getting down. By midnight the horse came to the earth. By this time, Feroz Shah was also very hungry. The horse got down on the roof of a big palace and stood. Firoz Shah on the terrace, whose spiers were made of marble, Walking around and seeing where was the way to go down. At last a live appeared whose one door was open. He started thinking that whether I should go down or not, the residents here should not harm me as an enemy. But he thought that because I was disarmed, no one would understand enmity. Thinking this he got down.

He reached a hallway and began to whisper with his ears, but he could hear nothing but the snoring of the sleeping ones. Diyas were burning in one room. When Firoz Shah peeped, he saw that many maids and sisters were sleeping. He understood that it was the palace of some queen or princess. It was the palace of the princess of Bengal country. When the prince stepped forward, there was a silk veil over the door of a room on one side and the light and fragrance of camphor candles was coming inside. He went inside hurriedly and saw a large room in which many maidservants were sleeping on the ground, and on one side a princess was sleeping on a bed covered with fringes and a fine mosquito net.

Firoz Shah was stunned to see her charming look and started thinking that if she accepts me then I should run the whole world behind it. Such a frenzy of love fell upon him that he forgot right and wrong, and lifting the vitan, lifting his sleeve on his face, began to look at it. The princess’s eyes opened in this. He saw that a very handsome young man dressed in royal clothes was looking at him. She was stunned with fear. Not even a sound came out of his mouth.

Feroz Shah said humbly, madam, don’t be afraid at all. I am the crown prince of Persia. He was celebrating the festival of Nauroz in his capital earlier in the day. Now fate has brought me here. At this time I am in your shelter, you have protected me only then I will be saved or else I will be killed.

The princess became informed and started listening to him. She was the youngest daughter of her father and the emperor of Bengal had built this palace specially for her. He heard the condition of Feroz Shah in detail. Then said, Yuvraj, don’t you worry about anything. You will live here with the same respect as you used to live in your own country. You will not only be safe yourself but will also be able to provide security to others. You will have the right over this entire palace, but you will also have the right over the entire country of Bengal.

Firoz Shah wanted to put his head on the feet of the princess in gratitude but he did not allow it. He asked, you have not yet told how you got here from your country in a few hours and how did you cross all the guards and enter my bedroom. But let this be the time. Signs of hunger are showing from your face. I will arrange for your food and room for you to sleep, then in the morning I will listen to your story in a leisurely manner.

At this the eyes of the maidservants were opened. They wondered as to how this young man, with whom the princess is talking to mingling, escaped from the tight guard of the palace and came here. On the orders of the princess, he made Firoz Shah delicious food and furnished a room and made him sleep in it. By now the princess had fallen in love with Feroz Shah. This was immediately noticed by the maidservants. After arranging for the princess’s food and sleeping, the maidens came to the princess and started talking about her. A naughty maid said, Princess, this prince is worthy of you. This is how you should be married. This was the heartfelt desire of the princess, but she scolded her because of her feminine shame and said, what a useless chatter. Go, sleep and let me sleep.

Waking up in the morning, the princess did her makeup for a long time. She wore pearls in her serpentine hair, a diamond necklace around her shapely neck, inlaid armbands in her arms, a body made of silk specially designed for the royal family, and a fine silk waistband studded with gems. Tie it around your waist. In this form, Rati also started to shame in beauty.

Her makeup was completed in a long time. Then he sent a maid to Firoz Shah’s room and told that you should not come here to meet me, but I am coming towards you. When Firoz Shah also woke up, he told the maids that you go and find out whether the princess is awake or not. If yes, then say that I want to be present in his service. The maids gave him the message of the princess that he should not come towards the princess, the princess herself is coming towards him to meet him.

After a while, the princess in her most charming form, walking slowly among the maidservants, approached him. Both were very happy to see each other. The prince said, I caused you great trouble by disturbing your sleep at night. Pardon my offense. The princess said, there is no such thing as a crime. I am very glad to meet you. Now tell me how you left your country and reached our country so quickly and how you entered my palace at night. Here even a bird cannot kill. I very much want to know your condition.

Prince Firoz Shah narrated his story, yesterday we had the festival of Nauroz. All the craftsmen gave gifts to my father. Among them was an artisan who came from India.

He showed the king a horse flying with a machine. The emperor liked him very much. And he asked the Indian artisan the price of the horse. The artisan said that I want to marry your daughter. I saw that my father liked the horse so much that he would agree to give a daughter to the artisan in return. All the courtiers were indignant at the talk of the artisan but were silent seeing the emperor silent. I told my father that till now the craftsman himself has driven this horse, what is the use of this horse until it is known that someone else can also drive it. The king said, sit on it and test it. I quickly sat on it. Once, as he had seen an Indian artisan flying a horse with a peg, in the same way, he gave it to the peg. The horse immediately got off the ground and I could not even ask the craftsman about the other parts.

The horse started flying so high that I could not see anything on the ground properly. I turned the steering peg in reverse, right-left and many other ways to get down but to no avail. The horse kept on flying fast forward. Finally after a lot of searching I found another small peg. When he twisted it, the horse started coming down. Finally in the middle of the night he landed on the roof of your palace. He still stands there.

Getting off the horse, I looked around and I saw a jeena to get down. I slowly came down. In the hallway I found many guard maids and sons sleeping soundly. Then I saw that clean light was coming from your room, filtering through the thin silk screen. I came to your room stunned. I was afraid that some of the guards woke up and if I was caught, I would be put to death. But even if he went back, where would he go? When I saw you sleeping, I kept looking. At that point your eyes were opened. Instead of angering me, you did me a lot of favor. I am grateful to you. I want to sacrifice everything on you. But what do I have now? There was a heart, that too kept going away when I saw you for the first time.

The princess was blown away after listening to this love affair of Ferozshah. He said, You must have often taken a walk on a flying horse. Today by chance forgot my side too. It is useless to increase your belongingness. You will naturally have attachment to your native Persia and will go there. Will remember our country and why? Feroz Shah said, “Who does not have attachment to the land of his birth, but at this time I am in your captivity.” I’ll be able to leave only when you free me. There is a matter of forgetting, so seeing you once, no one can ever forget. If I forget myself, I cannot forget you.

In the meantime, a maid came and said that the food is ready. It was not yet time for the princess’s dinner. Still, she thought that the prince must have eaten a little in the night, so she took him by the hand and took him to the dining room and herself started eating with him because Feroz Shah alone would not eat enough food again. The maidservants served a variety of delicious food. At the time of eating, many young maids carrying musical instruments started singing and playing in melodious voices. The princess was lifting her hand and placing the delicious dishes in front of Feroz Shah. Both of them completely revealed with their gestures that they are burning in each other’s love.

After the meal was over, the princess took Feroz Shah to a sitting room. Cannot describe the beauty and decor of this room. On its walls were painted with beautiful colors made by skilled painters. Everything there was golden and silver and decorated with beautiful mosaic. The princess also got up from there and took a seat in a hallway and brought the prince as well. There was a beautiful flower garden in front of it, in which colorful flowers were blooming and the flames of fragrance were coming. Feroz Shah said, I used to consider my Persian palace very beautiful, it is nothing in front of your palace.

The princess said, “If you see the palace of my father, the king of Bengal, then this palace will look insignificant.” I want you to meet my father. They will meet you with great pleasure. Firoz Shah had a desire to see the palace of the emperor. The princess thought that when the emperor would see such a handsome and handsome prince, he would marry me with him. Despite his eagerness, Firoz Shah did not go to the king of Bengal for several days because he did not feel like leaving the side of the princess even for a moment. One day the princess again insisted on him to meet the emperor. Feroz Shah said, you are absolutely right. I should meet him. The only problem is that I don’t have the kind of furnishings here that should be with anyone who visits the king. If I meet him in this condition, he will be happy to know about my lineage, but because of my simple dress and way of life, he will lose his prestige in my mind. And I don’t want this.

There is no difficulty in this, said the princess. Many merchants of your country live here. You take a separate house and decorate your house by taking the popular furnishings of your country from those merchants. Feroz Shah said, you have given this suggestion very well. Now let me tell you one more confusion of my mind. I haven’t got any news of my father for so many days. There is no limit to how sad they will be at my sudden disappearance. I worry a lot about them that they might not die. If you don’t care, let me meet my father once and ask him to allow me to marry you.

The princess came to know the facts in Firoz Shah’s words, but she also feared that lest Firoz Shah forget me after going to his country or fall in love with some other woman or he should love his parents so much. May it not want to come near me. So he thought that somehow he should be kept with him for some more days, maybe his love for me will increase so much that he does not feel like going from here. Thinking this, he said, You are absolutely right, but I want you to stay here for a few more days. Firoz Shah accepted this.

The princess further increased the attraction of her residence for Feroz Shah. He arranged for various entertainments, games and spectacles. Every day, the prince used to go hunting in the forest near the palace, his mind was entertained by various types of music, and he used to enjoy the beauty of his beloved princess. That’s why his mind stayed there in such a way that for two months he could not remember the house. But after this he got the attention of his father and asked the princess to go to Persia. The princess got sad hearing this. Firoz Shah understood his mood and said, listen, princess, It is very unfair that I should be separated from my parents forever without their knowledge. But if you don’t believe in my love and think that I will not come back then you come with me. Your father will not allow you to go with me. So at night when all the servants and the servants and maidservants are asleep, then both of us quietly leave for Persia. My horse is present on the terrace and no one has seen it yet.

The separation of Feroz Shah was unbearable to the princess and she agreed to run away. That night both went to the terrace. Firoz Shah pointed the horse towards Persia and took away the princess. After reaching Persia, he did not think it right to go straight to his palace. He landed in the palace built in the countryside, some distance from the capital. Dropped the princess there and himself went to his palace in Shiraz to inform his parents about his arrival. He assured the princess that I would come back in a day or two. He ordered the stewards in the countryside palace to bring me a horse. At the same time, he said that take full care of the princess behind me. Let him not suffer in any way.

When the prince rode on horseback from the village towards Shiraj, people on the way were very happy to see him. They kept on praying to God for his safe return. When Feroz Shah reached the palace, there was a wave of joy. The emperor hugged her and wept for a long time. Then he asked where and how he lived for so many days. Firoz Shah told the whole story and after describing the hospitality of the princess said, the princess has come with me and I have left her in the countryside palace. We both love each other very much. I hope you will allow me to marry her. After saying this, Prince Firoz Shah fell at the feet of his father.

The king lifted him up and put him on his chest and said, “Son, with great pleasure I allow you to marry the princess of Bengal.” I myself will go to the countryside palace and will welcome the princess to the capital. After this, all the rituals of marriage will be done in the palace here. After this, the king ordered that the ceremonial instruments be played, my ride should be ready to go to the palace in the countryside and preparations should be made for the royal procession to bring the princess to the palace of Sheroes.

Simultaneously, he called the Indian artisan lying in the prison and said, because of you I have had to suffer the loss of son for so many days. My son also had to suffer. Yes, I want to get you killed, but I have promised to leave you on the return of my son, so I am leaving. Take your wretched horse from my countryside palace and go away immediately.

The Indian artisan was a good craftsman, but with being ugly and middle-aged, he was also a bastard of health. He took vile revenge on the emperor. He had got the news about the princess. He also knew that once the procession was arranged, the emperor himself would bring the princess of Bengal. He reached the village even before the king’s ride started. He said to the manager of the rustic palace, the king has ordered me to immediately take the princess on my horse to the palace of Shiraz. The manager believed him and the princess was also happy that soon the prince would reach Firoz Shah. She immediately dressed properly and agreed to go to the palace. The Indian craftsman made the princess sit on the horse and himself sat behind her and turned the horse’s peg.

Taking the horse to the sky, he turned towards the east. The emperor started getting ready to bring the princess of Bengal from the rustic palace. Firoz Shah desired that before the emperor reached there, he should go there and inform the princess about the arrival of the emperor. So he quickly reached the palace of the countryside sitting on a horse. There the manager was shocked to hear him. He said, Sarkar The Indian artisan had come and said that the emperor had ordered him to reach the palace of Shiraz. On this I made the princess with him and he has taken her on a horse with a machine. Hearing this, Prince Firoz Shah felt indescribable pain and fell unconscious. The manager panicked even more. Soon the king’s ride also came. He heard the whole situation from the manager and was very annoyed because it had become famous among all the subjects that the emperor himself would take the princess to Shiraz in a procession. He went back to Shiraz regardless of Firoz Shah’s unconsciousness.

After some time, the prince came to his senses. The manager fell at his feet and said, Sarkar, I have unintentionally committed a crime. Whatever punishment you give for this, I will happily bear it. The prince said, you have cheated, so I will not punish you. But you bring me clothes like mystics. There was an arena of mystics nearby. The manager went and told them, the king is about to get a nobleman killed. Raees wants to run to save his life. If you please give me a fakiri veil, then she can wear it and leave. The fakirs of the arena were not worried about the king’s order. He mercifully gave her a fakir bana. The prince put it on, hid in it a bag full of precious gems and asharfis and set out as a fakir in search of the princess.

On the other hand, the Indian artisan kept flying with the princess and after flying for a few hours, reached the state of Kashmir. He himself was hungry and he knew that the princess must have been hungry too. But instead of landing in the city, he landed the horse in a dense forest. There was coolness due to the dense trees. On one side there was a pond filled with pure water. The artisan left the princess with the horse and went to a nearby village to get some food and drink. The princess was very frightened to find herself trapped in the clutches of that ugly middle-aged man. He wished to run away and save his life, but neither he knew the way nor was in the habit of walking. She was also getting rid of hunger. After sometime the artisan came with the food. He himself ate the food and gave it to the princess too.

After eating and drinking, he expressed his desire to enjoy with the princess. When the princess refused vehemently, the artisan beat her up and tried to fulfill her wish by force. The princess started crying loudly. The artisan didn’t care. That’s why he had landed in the forest. Incidentally, the king of Kashmir was passing through there after playing the hunt. When he and his crew heard the voice of the woman’s throat, they came to that side. They asked the artisan, who are you? Who is this woman with you and why is she going on crying? The artisan did not recognize the emperor. He said sternly, this is my wife. Laugh or cry with me, what do you mean by that? The princess looked at the asker’s royal complexion and cried and said, Sarkar, you have been sent by God to protect my honor. I am the princess of Bengal, I was going to marry the prince of Persia. This lowly craftsman has taken me away.

Even the emperor of Kashmir was convinced of his words after seeing the appearance and mannerisms of the princess. He asked one more thing and then ordered his companions to kill the artisan. Two men caught hold of him and in a moment blew his neck. Then he asked the princess in detail about her condition and brought her to the capital on a horse. The horse with the instrument was also dragged by the servants of the emperor to the palace. After reaching the capital, the emperor kept the princess in a separate palace and appointed many servants and maidservants to serve her. was helping her selflessly.

But the Kashmir king was not as selfless as the princess thought. She was now in his possession and that is why he wanted to marry her and for that he did not consider it necessary to even ask permission of the princess. He knew that the princess was infatuated with the prince of Persia and would not happily marry anyone else. He ordered that the wedding bells should be played and there should be dance, color and sports spectacles in the whole kingdom. One day the princess was sleeping in the afternoon when her eyes were opened by the sound of the eagles. She asked the maidservants why this noise is happening, then the chief maid said, “Government, these horns are playing on the occasion of your marriage with the emperor.” The king’s order is that in this happiness, dance, colors and sports and spectacles should be done in the whole kingdom.

The princess felt as if she had come out of the clutches of one wolf and into the clutches of another. He took a strange way of protecting himself. When the emperor called her to him, she became frantic. She tore her clothes and started abusing and punching the king and others. The emperor was worried about his condition and came out of the purgatory and started thinking what to do now.

Coming to his outer chamber, the emperor consulted his trusted members. Everyone was of the opinion that he had some impediment or else there could be no other reason to go insane all of a sudden. The emperor ordered the maids to keep an eye on the princess and keep her under control. He called exorcists and tantriks from all over his kingdom and asked the princess to do well. They gave various types of fumes, made them drink anointed water countless times and did many other measures. If something happened to the princess, she would also have been treated. He made his condition worse by evening and everyone’s concern increased. The emperor could not sleep the whole night due to sorrow and anxiety.

On the second day, he ordered and made an announcement that the physician-hakim who cures the princess will be given a huge reward. Now many physicians have come. He said that only by looking at the pulse, one can know what is the disease. Now the princess thought that the secret was about to open, if any of them saw my pulse, then it would be understood that it is completely healthy. So she became even more paranoid and became aggressive. Any physician who went to see his pulse, he would bite, slap-punch, spit, abuse or tear his clothes.

In short, the princess did not allow any doctor-hakim to come near her. Those poor people, speculating from afar, prepared different types of decoctions. The princess would drink one and a half, throw some and start adding to her madness. When there was no one in front, she used to rest in a normal position and on seeing anyone, she used to start bawling, abusing and nagging. All the Vaidyas and Hakims went back unsuccessfully and the emperor started looking for a doctor who could cure him.

Meanwhile, Prince Ferozshah came there roaming around in the guise of a fakir. He made the residents there a princess, whom the emperor wanted to marry, heard the condition of insanity. He understood that it would be his girlfriend, the princess of Bengal, in search of whom I wander. He landed at an inn in the capital disguised as an ordinary man. He came to know about the condition of the princess in more detail. He went in front of the palace, wearing a long beard disguised as a prince, and said to the concierges, I have heard that a princess is ill here. I want to cure him. inform the king. The doorman started laughing and said disgustingly, Look at the petty Hakim. The famous Hakim is shocked, he will get reward by doing good to the princess. Firoz Shah scolded them, Your job is to guard or to give sanad to the Hakims. inform the king. If the king does not want, I will return. When the concierge heard the news, the emperor immediately called him. When Firoz Shah came in front, the emperor said, Hakim sir, she does not allow anyone to come near, she attacks everyone who comes. He is locked in the room. You look at him through the window first. When Firoz Shah reached there, he peeped through the window and started watching. He recognized the princess who was singing a song against him in a very painful voice. When Firoz Shah looked carefully, it was also understood that the princess has no disease, she herself is showing herself to be mad so that she cannot get married with the emperor. Attacks everyone who comes. He is locked in the room. You look at him through the window first. When Firoz Shah reached there, he peeped through the window and started watching. He recognized the princess who was singing a song against him in a very painful voice. When Firoz Shah looked carefully, it was also understood that the princess has no disease, she herself is showing herself to be mad so that she cannot get married with the emperor. Attacks everyone who comes. He is locked in the room. You look at him through the window first. When Firoz Shah reached there, he peeped through the window and started watching. He recognized the princess who was singing a song against him in a very painful voice. When Firoz Shah looked carefully, it was also understood that the princess has no disease, she herself is showing herself to be mad so that she cannot get married with the emperor.

Coming to the emperor, he said, I understand that the disease of the princess is coming. Open his room. I’ll go over to him and see him. But there should be no other man in the room at that time. The emperor accepted this. Firoz Shah alone moved towards the princess’s bed. She could not recognize him and mistaking him as Hakim started screaming and abusing her. Firoz Shah reached fast to the bed and said slowly, Look well. I am nothing but a hakim-wakim. I am Feroz Shah, the prince of Persia. I have come looking for you. If you cooperate with me, then I will take you out. The princess recognized him by his voice and when he looked carefully, he recognized the face as well.

The princess stopped screaming and said in a low voice, I had pretended to be insanity to save my chastity. I didn’t know how long this spectacle would have to take. Luckily you have arrived. But how will you get me out of here? The king will know that if you are my lover and future husband, he will not leave you alive. Ferozshah said, you only do that, you should reduce the display of insanity very little, just do some strange things sometimes. The princess of Bengal acted according to her statement. He stopped tearing clothes, beating etc. Firoz Shah came out and said to the emperor, you go and see. Shehzadi Sahiba has almost completely recovered.

The emperor came with Feroz Shah to the princess’s room. The princess was sitting wearing proper clothes. His behavior was also almost normal. The emperor came back and praised Firoz Shah a lot and said, Hakim sir, you have done a wonderful job. The great Hakim kept busy for months and could not do anything. You have fixed the princess in a couple of minutes. I will make you rich. Feroz Shah said, you are very kind, but now I will not take a single penny. When the princess will be completely fine, at that time whatever you give, I will accept with bowing my head.

Ferozshah further said, it is necessary to know the complete condition to cure the disease completely. Please tell me when and how the princess came to your state. In fact, Firoz Shah wanted to know whether the Yantra horse was obtainable or not. He also wanted to know what happened to the artisan. The emperor told in detail that so many days ago a man had brought them on a yantra horse to a forest in Kashmir and wanted to misbehave with them. Incidentally, I was coming back from hunting at the same time. When I went and heard the whole situation from them, I got the craftsman killed and brought him another wooden horse. I want to marry her, if it goes well then I should do it.

Firoz Shah said, surely he will be a magic horse, not a machine. While descending from it, some mechanical error must have been made by them. Now listen carefully to my advice. If work is done on it, then the princess will be completely cured in a day. You keep that horse in a big field. Get big rings placed around him for fumigation, don’t know which spirits have to be called. Then the princess should be brought there wearing jewelery according to her status and made to sit on a horse. After that I will prove the mantra.

The king said, what is the difficulty in this, all this will be done now. Ferozshah said, this time is not the right time. Get this whole arrangement done tomorrow morning.

On the next morning, the horse with the instrument was brought and kept in the field. Ten twelve rings were placed around him. Firoz Shah also came after taking bath and dressed in good clothes and the princess was also brought decorated. Firozshah put the princess on a horse, then she wandered around reciting the mantra of falsehood and put some material in all the fires. Due to this such thick smoke arose that no one in the crowd could see the horse. Firoz Shah went into the smoke and sat on the horse behind the princess and turned the peg driving her. When the horse rose high in the sky, Firoz Shah cried out and said, Lustful king, look. I am Feroz Shah, the crown prince of Persia. Taking my fiancé. Within a few hours both of them were brought to Shiraz by the horse. Within a couple of days, both of them got married with pomp. The king of Persia sent a message to the king of Bengal that I have given your daughter to my crown prince. You accept this relationship. He gladly accepted the relationship and sent valuable gifts to Persia.

This story of Shehrzad was also very much liked by Duniyazad and Shahryar. The next night, Shahrzad began telling another story.

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