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Lion, Camel, Jackal and Crow Panchatantra Story

A lion named Madotkat lived in a forest. Tiger, crow and jackal, these three were his servants. One day he saw a camel that had strayed from his gang and came towards him. Seeing him the lion started saying, “Oh wow! This is a strange creature. Go and find out whether it is a wild animal or a rural animal.” Hearing this, the crow said, “Master! This creature named camel is a rural animal and is your food. You kill it and eat it.” Singh said, “I do not kill the guest who comes to my place. It has been said that even an enemy who has come to his house with confidence and fearlessness should not be killed. So give him protection and bring him here to me so that I can ask the reason for his coming here.”
On receiving the command of the lion, his followers went to the camel and respectfully brought it to the lion. The camel bowed to the lion and sat down. When Singh asked the reason for his wandering in the forest, he introduced himself and told that he had strayed away from his companions. At the behest of Singh, from that day onwards the camel named Katanak started living with him.

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A few days later, Madotkat Singh had a fierce battle with a wild elephant. Like an elephant’s pestle, the lion was mortified by the blow of his teeth, but somehow he survived, but he was incapacitated in walking. Due to his incapacity, his servants like crows etc. started starving. Because when the lion was hunting, his servants used to get food from it.
Now the lion was unable to hunt. Seeing their plight, Singh said, “Find some such creature, whom I can kill even in this condition and arrange food for you people.” After getting the permission of the lion, the four creatures went out everywhere in search of prey. When nothing was found anywhere, the crow and the jackal consulted together. Shrugal said, “Friend crows! What is the use of wandering here and there? Why not kill this narrator and eat his food?

The jackal went to Singh and reached there and said, “Swami! Together we have scoured the whole forest, but no such animal was found that we could bring near you to kill. Now the hunger is so troubling that it is difficult for us to walk even a single step. you are sick If you have permission, then today arrangements should be made for your food from the meat of the narrator.” But Singh refused, saying that he had given shelter to the camel, so he could not kill it.

But the jackal somehow convinced Singh. On receiving the king’s order, Shrigal immediately called his companions and brought them. The camel also came with him. Seeing them, Singh asked, “Have you got anything?”

Other animals including crow, jackal, tiger told that they did not get anything. But in order to satisfy the hunger of their king, everyone came in front of the lion in turn and begged him to kill them and eat them. But the jackal would tell some flaw in everyone so that the lion could not kill them.

Finally came the turn of the camel. Poor simple narrator, when the camel saw that all the servants were begging for their lives, he too did not lag behind.

He bowed down to the lion and said, “Swami! All these are inedible to you. Some have small size, some have sharp nails, some have thick hair on their body. Today, you should live your life from my own body so that I can attain both the worlds.

The narrator had so much to say that the tiger and the jackal pounced on him and slashed his stomach in no time. What was it then, the hungry lion and tiger etc. immediately licked him. Lesson: Whenever you are with rascals, be very careful, and do not get into their sweet talk at all, and it is better to stay away from unreasonable and foolish masters.

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