Difference and Separation Between Friends

Moorakh Batooni Kachhua | Panchatantra Stories in English

Stupid talkative tortoise Panchatantra Story

There lived a tortoise named Kambugriva in a pond. He had a close friendship with a swan named Sankat and Vikat, who lived on the banks of the pond. The three used to talk a lot every day on the banks of the pond and would go to their respective homes in the evening. There was no rain in that region for a year. Slowly that pond also started drying up.

Now the swans started worrying about the tortoise. When he told his concern to the tortoise, the tortoise asked him not to worry. He told the swans a trick. He told them to first find a pond full of water and then hang it from a piece of wood and take it to that pond.

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Hearing him, the swans said that he was fine, but he would have to keep his mouth shut during the flight. The tortoise assured him that he would not open his mouth under any circumstances. The tortoise grabbed the piece of wood with its teeth, then both the swans took it away and flew away. On the way, when the people of the city saw that a tortoise was flying in the sky, they started shouting in surprise.

Seeing the people screaming at his side, the turtle could not stop. He forgot his promise. As soon as he opened his mouth to say something, he fell from the sky. Due to his high height, he could not bear the injury and died.

Lesson: If even the wise are not able to control their fickleness, then the result is bad.

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