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The cunning of the rabbit short stories for kids | English Stories

Adaptation of the popular tale of Venezuela 

One fine summer afternoon, a rabbit was resting peacefully lying on the grass. Stealthily, a tiger approached him and with a roar, threatened him.

“You are mine, you elusive rabbit!” I’ve been trying to catch you for days and finally I have you!

There was no escape! He had the tiger’s jaws so close that he could even feel its fetid breath on his pink nose. The only chance he had was to profit from his own cunning.

– Wait a minute, Mr. Tiger! I have something very important to say to you.

– What do you want? I don’t feel like talking, but just eat a bite!

The rabbit swallowed hard and faced him, hiding his fear.

-Have you seen me well? Don’t you see how skinny and small I am?

– Yes, but I don’t care. I’m going to eat you anyway, so don’t resist!

– Well, you are wrong, because here where you see me, I own several cows that right now are quietly grazing at the top of the mountain that is right behind you. Its exquisite meat and if you forgive my life, I can give you one.This way you will have food for many days, I assure you!

– That’s right? You are not cheating on me! …

– Of course not! We can go get her right now! Come with me and I’ll show it to you!

The tiger was not very convinced but decided to follow the rabbit. When they reached the foot of the mountain, the rabbit continued his convincing performance.

– Do you see those black lumps at the top? They are my cows! Now wait down here. I’ll go up on my own and when I tell you, open your arms. I will throw the cow and you will pick it up.

– Okay, but hurry up I’m starving.

The rabbit ran to the top of the mountain. The bundles were not cows but stones, but the tiger was so far away that he could only make out large brownish masses. From above, the rabbit yelled at him.

– Cow goes! Extend your arms to get a good grip!

The rabbit rolled the stone down the slope and the sun-blinded tiger did not realize what it was until he was very close. When he noticed, he ran like a madman in the opposite direction to the false cow that was at his heels at full speed. It barely escaped being squashed down and made as thin as a sheet of paper; He succeeded because just as he was about to be hit by the rock, he jumped to the left and fell face first into a puddle that eased his fall. Even so, her body creaked and shuddered in pain. He thought about going back to get revenge on the rabbit, but his body was so scared that when he recovered a bit from the smack, he went into the forest never to return there.

This is how the rabbit proved to himself that intelligence is more important than physical appearance. Big minds often hide in tiny bodies.

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