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The heron and the fox short stories in English | Story for Kids

Adaptation of the popular tale of Argentina

Once a heron and a fox became friends. They got along so well that the fox decided to invite her new adventure partner to lunch.

– Would you like to have lunch with me tomorrow? I’ll make something nice for you.

– Of course! We will have a good time.

The next day, the heron arrived on time at its hostess’s house. Her good friend had prepared mazamorra, a typical dessert from Argentina, made with corn, sugar, milk, and cinnamon. The fox walked to the kitchen, picked up the pot, and poured the contents onto a large, smooth stone. The porridge, which was very runny, spilled out.

– Help yourself to whatever you want, friend. I hope you like it!

– Thank you very much! It looks delicious and smells great!

But the poor heron began to bite and could barely catch a grain of corn. As the fox licked the stone with her tongue, it was impossible for her to taste the sweetened milk with her long, sharp beak. In the end, it turned out that the fox ate her fill and she was starved.

The bird, who was very intelligent, realized that the fox had wanted to make fun of her and decided to pay her with the same coin. After the meal was over, he said goodbye without ever losing his education or composure.

– Thank you very much, dear, for your invitation. I want to reciprocate properly. Come to my house tomorrow and this time I will be the one to prepare something delicious for both of you.

– Oh yes, count on it!

– How about one o’clock?

– Great, I’ll be there. See you tomorrow!

The heron waited for the fox to come home at the appointed time. The fox arrived hungry and eager to try the delicious dish that her friend had prepared especially for her, since apparently, she had a reputation for being a very good cook.

– I have delicious honey for you, because I know for a fact that foxes like it a lot.

– Oops, good, I love it!

He sat down at the table and the heron appeared with a thick and golden honey like no other. How good it looked!

– Help yourself as much as you want, friend.

But there was a problem … The heron had put it in a bottle with a very long neck and the fox could not put her leg in it to eat. Instead, the heron poked its fine beak and relished the delicious liquid gold it contained.

The fox could do nothing because she had become, as they say, the mocked trickster. She had thought herself very cunning but she had to endure the humiliation that another animal was more so than she. Embarrassed, she returned home with an empty stomach.

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