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The stubborn goats english stories for kids | short story for kids

Adaptation of the popular tale of Puerto Rico

A boy who worked as a pastor lived on the island of Puerto Rico. Every day he went out to the field with his herd of goats to eat grass and run free in the mountains. By late afternoon the boy whistled and all the animals approached him to return to the farm in a platoon.

On one occasion, at the last minute, when the moon began to appear through the clouds, the little shepherd called them as usual but something strange happened: no matter how much he whistled and made gestures with his hands, the goats ignored him.

He did not understand anything and began to scream like a riot:

– Come on, come on, come here, we have to go now!

Nothing, the goats seemed deaf. The desperate boy sat on a stone and began to cry.

After a while a cute rabbit stood before him and asked:

– Why are you crying, friend?

– I cry because the goats don’t pay attention to me and if I don’t come back soon my father will punish me.

– Don’t worry, calm down, I’ll help you! You’ll see how I make them walk!

The rabbit began to leap and growl among the goats to get his attention, but they continued to graze as if he were invisible. Dejected, he sat on the stone next to the pastor and began to cry next to him.

At that, a fox happened who, seeing such a drama, dared to ask:

– Why are you crying, bunny?

– I cry because the shepherd started crying because his goats don’t listen to him and if he doesn’t return soon his father will punish him.

– Don’t worry, I’ll give you a hand. I’ll see what I can do!

The fox approached the goats with an angry face and took a great breath of air; a second later came from his mouth a few howls of those that make the hair stand on end to the bravest.

Although they resounded throughout the valley, do you know what happened? … Well, the goats didn’t even turn to see where the chilling sounds were coming from.

The fox, in his spirits, joined the couple with tears in his eyes.

After a while the dreaded wolf emerged from the undergrowth. He was very surprised to see a boy, a rabbit and a fox together crying out loud. He was very curious to know what made them so sad and it seemed appropriate to ask the fox.

– Sorry if I seem like a nosy, fox, but why are you crying?

– I cry because the rabbit cries because the shepherd started crying because his goats don’t listen to him and if he doesn’t return soon his father will punish him.

– Well, it doesn’t seem so difficult… I’ll try it myself!

The wolf jumped up and pulled out its fangs to scare the goats, but failed. The gentle white animals did not move a foot from where they were. Thinking that with old age he had lost all his ability to fear, he made a hole in the stone and also began to whimper like a baby.

A little bee that was flying nearby was very surprised to see the curious group of animals crying their tears. Intrigued, she zoomed over and, without alighting, asked the wolf:

– Why are you crying, wolf? It’s not like you!

– I cry because the fox is crying because he saw the rabbit crying because the shepherd started crying because his goats don’t listen to him and if he doesn’t return soon his father will punish him.

– Be calm, I’ll make them go away!

For the first time, they all stopped sobbing and, in unison, burst out laughing. The shepherd boy, still laughing, said:

– You, with how small you are? So funny! If we have not succeeded, you have no chance.

The little bug was hurt but did not give up.

– Ah, no? … Now you will see!

Wasting no time he went to the herd and began to buzz over it. The goats, who had very fine hearing, became very upset and stopped eating to cover their ears.

So, the bee carried out the second part of the plan: it took out its sharp and shiny rear stinger and stuck it in the ass of the oldest goat, who was the leader of the group. When she felt the peck, the old goat ran towards the farm like a soul carried by the devil, and all the others followed her hastily.

The shepherd, the rabbit, the fox, and the wolf watched in astonishment as one after another they crossed the fence and regrouped. Afterwards, they blushed at the little bee and the shepherd apologized on behalf of all:

– Sorry, friend, for having laughed at you. You have given us a good lesson! Thanks for your help and goodbye!

The little bee smiled, winked at them, and buzzed away the way it had come.

And this is how this little story ends that teaches us that the important thing is not to be big or strong, but to have confidence in yourself to face problems and difficult situations. If you put your mind to it, almost anything can be achieved!

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