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Adaptation of the fable of Godofredo Daireaux

This small and simple story tells what happened to a lamb that out of envy went beyond the limits of respect and offended its companions. Do you want to meet her?

The little lamb in question lived like a marquis, or rather like a king, for the simple reason that he was the most pampered animal on the farm. Neither the pigs, nor the horses, nor the chickens, nor the rest of the sheep and rams older than him, enjoyed so many privileges. This was because he was so white, so soft and so cute, that the three daughters of the farmers treated him like a pet that they spoiled and granted every whim.

Every morning, as soon as the sun rose, the sisters went to the barn to comb it with a special brush dipped in almond oil that kept its curly wool silky and shiny. After that comforting beauty treatment, he was placed on a soft silk cushion and stroked his little head until he was sound asleep. If he woke up thirsty they offered him spring water scented with a few drops of lemon, and if he felt cold they hurried to cover him with a loving colored blanket woven by themselves. As for his food, it was not nearly the same as his colleagues received, fed with ordinary and ground feed. The lucky lamb had his own porcelain plate and was fed on the family’s leftovers,

Curiously, despite having more rights than anyone, this favored and overfed lamb was an extremely selfish animal: as soon as it saw the farmers stuffing the common feeder with feed, it would start running, trampling the others to arrive first and gobble up the maximum possible amount. Obviously, the rest of the herd were dumbfounded thinking that there was no more rogue than him on the entire planet.

One day the chief sheep, the one who commanded the most, told him in a very angry tone:

– But what a tough face you have! I don’t understand how you are able to take food away from your friends. You, who live among cotton wool and have everything!… You are a scoundrel!

– Well, well, you’re spending a bit … What you say is not fair!

– What is not fair?! … You lead a life of luxury and you gorge yourself daily with exquisite delicacies, worthy of an emperor. Is it that you can’t get enough of everything they give you? Please leave the feed for us!

The lamb put on a face of circumstance and, with the insolence of someone who has everything, responded showing very little sensitivity.

– The truth is that I eat until I burst and this I think is terrible compared to the delicacies that they give me, but I’m sorry … I can’t stand for others to enjoy something that I don’t have!

The sheep was stunned by pumice.

– Are you telling me that you eat our humble food out of envy?

The lamb shrugged and looked indifferent.

– If you want to call it envy, that’s fine with me.

Now yes, the sheep went into a rage.

– Very good, well, you asked for it!

Without saying anything else, he whistled that echoed throughout the farm. Seconds later, thirty-three sheep and nine rams came to his call. Between them they surrounded the inconsiderate lamb.

– Listen carefully to me! As you already know, this lamb flattened and inflated into cakes eats part of our feed every day, but the worst of all is that it does not do it out of hunger, no … it does it out of envy! Is it not abominable?

The discomfort began to be felt among the audience and the sheep continued with his plea.

“Greed and abuse of power are not allowed in a herd, so in my opinion there is no longer a place for him on this farm. Whoever agrees to get out of here forever!

There was no need to count: everyone without exception raised their hooves. Faced with such a crushing result, the head of the clan determined his expulsion.

– Friend, this you have earned yourself for your bad behavior. Take your belongings and go!

They were all against one, so the lamb did not dare to complain. She took her oriental silk cushion as the only memento of the opulent life she left behind and sped across the countryside. It must be said that once again fortune accompanied him, because before nightfall he arrived at a huge ranch that from that day became his new home. Of course, in that place he did not find girls to brush his hair, give him water with lemon or give him the leftovers from the barbecue. There it was, just one more in the stable.

Moral: We feel envy when we are angry that someone is lucky or enjoys things that we do not have. If you think about it, you will realize that envy is a negative feeling that produces sadness and dissatisfaction. Rejoicing in all the good that happens to the people around us not only makes us feel happy, but also highlights our generosity and nobility of heart.

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