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Mozart is possibly the most important musician in history.

He was born in an Austrian city called Salzburg in 1756. His childhood was special because from a very young age he showed extraordinary musical talent.

At only four years old, he already knew how to read musical notes and compose very complicated pieces for a child his age. By the age of six, he had mastered various instruments, such as the violin and keyboard, and was able to listen to a piece of music once and play it the next day from memory. He did it with such precision that it left everyone speechless! Amazing right?

Little Mozart’s fame quickly spread throughout the city and surrounding areas. His father, who was also a musician, made a decision: to take him on a trip to different countries so that he would perform in the palaces before the kings and the most important rulers of Europe. As you can imagine, he triumphed and received a lot of applause.

Mozart grew up surrounded by music and made it his great passion. When he grew older, he continued to work tirelessly and composed more than six hundred musical works.

Although throughout his life he enjoyed moments of success and popularity, he died young and in poverty. This was due, in part, to the fact that his music was so original and modern that many people of his time did not understand it. Today the opposite is true: Mozart is considered a true genius, creator of some of the greatest masterpieces in the history of music.

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