Science Fiction Stories for Kids

The three cosmonauts a science fiction stories for kids

Once upon a time there was an Earth. And at the same time, a planet called Mars. They were very far from each other, in the middle of the sky, and around them were millions of planets and galaxies.

The people of Earth wanted to go to Mars and the other planets: but they were so far away!

However, they did not cease in their efforts. They first launched satellites that circled the Earth for two years and then came back. They then launched rockets that circled Earth a few times, but instead of returning, they ended up escaping the pull of gravity and headed into space. After several years prowling through space, they returned to Earth … But there was a problem.

At the command of these rockets were dogs

But the dogs couldn’t talk, and on the space station radio you could only hear “woof woof” so no one understood what they had seen and how far they had come.
They finally found brave men who wanted to be cosmonauts. The cosmonauts had this name because they were going to explore the cosmos, which is infinite space with planets, galaxies and everything that surrounds them.

The cosmonauts left and did not know if they would return or not. They wanted to conquer the stars so that one day everyone could travel from one planet to another, because the Earth had become too narrow and the world population was growing every day.

On a beautiful morning, three rockets from three different points left Earth.

The first was an American, who happily whistled a catchy country song as he walked away.
In the second there was a Russian who sang in a deep voice a traditional troupe.
In the third, a Chinese, who sang a beautiful ancient song.

Each wanted to be the first to get to Mars, to show that they were the bravest.

Since all three of them were brave, they reached Mars almost at the same time. They got out of their ships with helmets and spacesuits… And they discovered a wonderful and disturbing landscape: the terrain was furrowed by long channels filled with emerald green water. There were strange blue trees with birds never seen before, with very strange colored feathers. There on the horizon were red mountains that gave off strange sparkles.

The cosmonauts looked at the landscape, looked at each other, and stood apart, each distrusting the others. Then night came.
There was a strange silence around, and the earth shone in the sky as if it were a distant star. The cosmonauts felt sad and lost in the dark.
But they immediately understood that they were feeling the same. They were smiling for the first time since they had set foot on the strange planet.

After a while they lit a beautiful fire together and each one sang songs from their country.

Finally the morning came

And it was very cold…

Suddenly, a Martian came out of a group of trees. His appearance was terrible! It was a viscous green color, it hurt the eyes of what was shining, it had two antennae in the place of the ears, a trunk and six arms. He looked at them and said: Grrr!

In his language he meant:

“Hello strange beings, have you gotten lost?”

But the earthlings did not understand him and thought it was a roar of war. He was so different from them that they couldn’t understand him. The three of them were immediately afraid if he attacked them …

Faced with that monster, their little differences disappeared. What did it matter if they spoke another language? They understood that they were the three human beings. Not the other. It was too different, and earthlings thought that what they did not understand was bad . So they decided to reduce it to atomic dust with their space rays …

When the three cosmonauts had plucked up their courage and were targeting the monstrous alien… Something strange happened.

From entering the shadows, a beautiful bird of many and bright colors appeared, it flew with difficulty because it seemed to have something viscous tangled between its wings. He moved making gestures of pain and his face reflected the exhaustion of trying to fight this situation. As it hovered over the heads of the cosmonauts, the bird fell exhausted to the ground, making a loud noise. Right between the Martian and the cosmonauts.

Quickly, the alien moved with clumsy steps towards the animal, the three cosmonauts, scared, held tightly their laser beams, thinking that the alien was going to devour that poor bird.

By the time they realized it, the alien was emitting strange gruttural noises, which just by looking closely, the three cosmonauts understood that it was a cry.

And the earthlings suddenly realized that the Martian was crying in his own way, just like humans.

Then they saw him lean towards the bird and hold it in his six arms, trying to warm it up.

And so the cosmonauts understood a valuable lesson:

«We thought that this monster was different from us, and after all it also loves, suffers or laughs»

So they approached the Martian and held out their hands. And he, who was six, shook hands with all three at the same time, while with his free hands he made gestures of greeting.

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