Difference and Separation Between Friends

Goraiya Aur Bandar | Panchatantra Stories in English

A pair of sparrows lived on the branches of a dense tree in a forest. Both lived happily in their nest.

It was winter season. One day Hemant’s cold wind started blowing and it started drizzling along with it. At that time a monkey, shivering from the icy wind and rain, sat on the branch of that tree.

Best Stories of Panchatantra in English

His teeth were cracking due to the winter. Seeing him the bird said—- “Hey! Who are you? Your face is like that of a man; You have hands and feet too. Still you are sitting here, why don’t you live by building a house?”

The monkey said —- “Ari! You can’t keep quiet? Do your work. Why do you ridicule me?”
Still the bird kept saying something. He got angry. In anger, he destroyed the bird’s nest in which the birds lived happily.

Lesson: Not everyone should preach. The education given to the wise bears the fruit, the education given to the fool sometimes turns out to be the opposite.

Sinh Aur Siyar | Panchatantra Stories in English

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