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Rabbit ears a short stories for kids

Thousands of years ago rabbits were not like now, because they had tiny ears, very similar to those of cats. Everyone was satisfied with his appearance except a bunny who used to be very sad. Every time he saw his reflection in the crystal clear waters of the lake, he felt like an insignificant being.

– How small I am! – he lamented.

From time to time he would stare at the lions, big and fierce, or the elephants, as strong as they are intelligent, and he thought that it was not fair that he was a small and hairy being.

– How I would like to have a huge body to walk proudly in front of all the animals! – The rabbit often commented to his friend the owl.

The bird, undoubtedly one of the smartest in the animal kingdom, was already a little fed up with hearing his complaints, so he decided to end the matter.

– Rabbit friend, you can’t stay so obsessed. You are wonderful just the way you are, but if you are going to continue to suffer, I advise you to climb the mountain next to the river. There lives a god who may be able to help you.

– Good idea, friend – said the rabbit with enthusiasm – Right now I’m going there!

The rabbit took a sack with some food and ran towards the mountain. When he reached the top, he found the god dozing on a huge wooden chair.

– Good afternoon sir! Sorry to bother you, but I need your help urgently.

– I hope it is something important because my rest is too! – the god growled as he watched the little animal that looked at him anxiously with its round eyes.

– You see … I have had the misfortune to be born small and my dream would be to be a large and majestic animal like the lion or the elephant.

– Well … What you ask of me is something that I can grant you, but in return, you will have to bring me the skins of three animals: the skin of a monkey, the skin of a snake and the skin of a crocodile, before nightfall tomorrow.

– Done deal! I will fulfill my mission and in a few hours I will be back.

The happy rabbit ran down the mountain at such speed that from a distance it looked like a snowball rolling down the slope. Coincidentally, upon reaching a clearing in the forest, he found his friends the monkey, the snake and the crocodile sunbathing and talking about their things.

– Guys, guys, I need your help! The mountain god has promised me that if I bring him your skins, he will turn me into a huge animal and I will finally be able to fulfill my wish. Would you mind lending them to me for a few hours? It’s really hot today, so you don’t have to worry about catching a cold – explained the rabbit, trying to sound convincing.

His friends, who loved the bunny very much, undressed and put their furs in the bag. In a short time, the rabbit was already on its way back to the mountain, although this time it was slow because the load was too heavy.

Again, he found the god snoring so loudly that his snorts were like thunder on a stormy night. Undaunted, the rabbit stood in front of him and called out to him.

– Sir, sir, wake up! Here I am with what you commissioned me to do.

The god, stretching, looked curiously at the diligent animal.

– Right, here is the skin of the crocodile, the skin of the snake and the skin of the monkey … You just showed me that you are a bold, intrepid rabbit and that fulfills the agreements. I’m going to reward you, but not exactly what we talked about.

– How? What is not going to help me as promised? – The rabbit was offended making a face of overwhelm.

– You see, bunny … – reasoned the god – You are a very clever being and everyone loves you. Even your friends lend you their skin! Many large animals that you admire so much wish to be as good as you.

The rabbit did not understand anything …

– I have thought – the god continued speaking wisely – that you do not need to increase your size, but something that will be much more useful for you.

The god bent down and touched the rabbit’s small ears, which automatically lengthened and stood straight up, staring up at the sky.

– These ears will help you hear everything and keep you alert to the dangers of the forest. You will hear if an enemy is approaching much more clearly. This gift that I grant you, together with your agility and your audacity, will allow you to live much more calmly and safe from predators.

The rabbit thought it was a great idea and was delighted with his new ears. Since then, all the rabbits in the world are born with very long ears even though their bodies are still tiny.

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