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The story of three princes and five beauties – Alif Laila

When the story of Shahrzad was over overnight, then Duniyajad said – Sister, this story was very good, do you know any other story? Shehrzad said that he does come, but if the emperor has permission, then he should say. The emperor gave permission and Shahrzad started speaking.

In the kingdom of Caliph Harun Rashid, there lived a laborer in Baghdad. He was very cheerful and talkative in nature. One morning he was standing in the market with a big basket hoping for wages. After some time a very beautiful woman, who had a mask of mesh on her face, came there and smiled and started telling the laborer to pick up her crate and go with me. The laborer left with the hope of getting good wages and pleased with the sweet behavior of the woman. He was very happy that he had got a good job early in the morning. After going some distance, the woman stood in front of a house and clapped. In no time a white long-bearded Christian opened the door. The woman gave him some money and the Christian old man, understanding his intention, gave him a pitcher of the best wine from inside the house. The woman put the pitcher in the laborer’s crate and came to the market.

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He bought many things in the market. Among them, delicious fruits like apples, pears, etc., and flowers with a variety of beautiful aromas, perfumes, delicious pickles, chutneys and marmalade, meat, dry spices, etc. He took so many things that there was absolutely no room in the crate. The laborer started saying, if I had known that you would buy so much stuff, I would have kept a camel with me rather than a horse.

Well, the laborer took the crate and went with the woman. After going a long distance, they both came to a huge building, whose spire was very beautiful and the doors were made of ivory. The woman stood in front of the door and clapped. Till the door opened, the laborer kept thinking that he did not know whether this woman was the maid of the house or the mistress. In no time a woman opened the door. The laborer became unconscious on seeing her unique beauty and charming spirit and the crate laden with the goods started falling from his head. The woman who had brought him from the market began to admire the spectacle of his insolence, but the woman who had come from inside the house said to him, ‘What are you looking at standing, this poor thing is being stifled by the weight of things. You quickly take it inside and get it unloaded.’

When the laborer went inside, both the women closed the door from inside and took him to a big house. Its pillars were made of precious wood and had a large chamber surrounded by hallways. In the hallway there was another seating area, where many valuable soft rugs were laid and various valuable vessels were kept for convenience. In the middle of all there was a big throne made of sandalwood and agar wood. A very valuable seat was lying on it with a fringe of pearls and rubies hanging all around. Apart from this, there was a cistern made of marble in that huge room, in which fountains were missing.

Although the laborer was very tired because of carrying the heavy load for a long distance, but seeing the material and decoration of that room, forgot his labor and he started looking at this beauty with a happy heart. Especially he was very much attracted by the very beautiful woman sitting on the throne. Later he came to know that the name of the woman sitting on the throne is Zubeida, she is the mistress of that house. The name of the woman who opened the door was Safi and the woman who had brought goods from the market on her was named Amina.

Zubeida said, ‘Beebies, take the goods off the head of this poor laborer. It is dying under the burden. Safi and Amina together got the crate removed from his head and started taking out the goods from it. Zubeida gave him so much money which was more than his ordinary wages. He was very happy to get more wages than expected, but his mind was so attached to the things there that he did not return. In the meantime, Amina removed the mask from her face. The laborer had only seen a glimpse till now, now when he saw him with a full eye, he was left standing stunned. He was also surprised to see that although there were only three women in the house, there was enough food and drink that would have been enough for thirty people.

When the laborer did not move from there, Zubeida at first thought that he wanted to rest for some more time, but when it was too late, he said, ‘What is the matter, why don’t you go? Have you got less wages? Amina, send it off by paying some more money.’ The laborer said, ‘Mistress, I have got more wages than expected, but I want to make some request in front of you. I know what I want to say is my arrogance but I hope you will forgive me and not be offended by my words. I find many things surprising here. I have never seen any woman as beautiful as you. I am also very surprised to see that there are no men here. The existence of women without men and the existence of men without women are both very strange things.

The laborer was talkative, so he went on speaking. He told a variety of proverbs prevalent in the city of Baghdad. One of these was that unless four people eat food together, the food does not taste and the eaters are not satisfied. Its meaning was that among those women there is the same man and other than those three, the fourth person is also the same, so he should also be made to eat at the time of meal. Zubeida started laughing after hearing his words and said, ‘Keep your useless talk and advice to yourself, all three of us women are sisters and do all our work on our own and in such a way that no one gets to know. We do not want anyone to know our secrets.

The laborer said, ‘My mistress, you are very clever and intelligent, but do not consider me too illiterate and idiot. It is a matter of luck that I have to work for a living or else I have read many books of history and knowledge. If you ask, let me present you a proverb in your service. There is a saying that a wise man should not hide his secret from a clever person, because a smart person knows how to hide someone’s secret. If you reveal your secret to me, it will be as if something is locked in a room and locked and the key to the lock is lost.

Zubeida understood that this laborer is intelligent and educated and there is no harm in accompanying him and that he can be fed food by sitting with him. Still, he jokingly said to test his intelligence, ‘Look brother, we have prepared this food by investing money and hard work, you have not spent anything on it. Then why include you in your meal?’ Safi also said to him, ‘You must have heard this saying that why did you ask anything.’

The poor laborer had no answer to these things and he said that you are right, I am leaving. But Amina pleaded with her sisters and said, ‘Let it be here. It will entertain us with its words and will keep us laughing due to its humorous nature. You don’t know this is a great kind of prankster. It has been making me laugh all the way here in the market with its jokes.’ The laborer was very satisfied to hear Amina’s words. He said, ‘You guys will be very pleased if you let me stay with you. I am poor but do not want to take anyone’s favor for free. And I have nothing, but accept this wages which you have given me in exchange for your grace.’ Saying this the laborer increased the wages in front of Zubeida.

Zubeida smiled and said, ‘We do not take back what is given. You can join our food and drink by staying with us. But the condition is that whatever we do, you will not ask us anything about it.’ The worker accepted this.

In the meantime, Amina took off her outgoing dress and, dressed in tight clothes, she prepared a variety of dishes – kaliya, keema, kofta, korma, kebab and a variety of other savory dishes and other delicacies and jugs of wine. And brought the cups and put them in the proper places. Then the three sisters came and sat there and made the laborer sit on the fourth side. The worker was very happy. He ate a little food. Then Amina took a jug of wine, filled the cup and drank first according to the custom of her country, then gave it to her sisters and gave the fourth cup to the laborer.

The laborer kissed Amina’s hand respectfully, took the cup and before drinking it sang a song to the effect that just as the air becomes fragrant with perfume, in the same way, if the drinker is delectable, then a new aroma comes in the wine. Hearing this song, the three women were very pleased and they sang several songs one after the other while drunk. It was too late in this melody and it was night. Safi told his sisters that now we have fed this laborer, now it is of no use, tell him to go home. It was very sad to leave the laborer with such a pleasant company. He said that it is a matter of great misfortune for me that in such a condition I am being thrown out of the house, how will I be able to reach my home in this state of intoxication. Please allow me to stay here overnight, I will be lying here in some corner.

Amina again advocated for him and said, this poor man is right, where will he stumble in the dark, we have already allowed him to eat and drink with us, now don’t despair him, let him lie here . Zubeida allowed her to stay on the request of Amina but then said that the condition is that whatever we do good or bad, you will not inquire anything about her. The worker said, I will accept whatever condition you put on me. Zubeida said that we are not placing any new condition on you, look what is written there. When the laborer went inside a door and saw, it was written in thick golden letters, ‘If any person going inside this building asks about such things with which he has nothing to do, then he will hear very distressing things, he will There will be a lot of trouble and he will regret a lot.’ The worker said, don’t you worry, I will keep my mouth shut.

Then Amina brought dinner and lit lamps and perfumes all around. This made the whole building illuminated and fragrant. After this, all the three women and laborers started having food and drinking alcohol and started singing songs in their respective languages ​​and playing melody. Soon it became known as if someone was asking to open the door. Hearing this word, Safi stood up because she used to go to open the door. He went and opened the door and came back after a while and said, ‘There are three mystics standing at the door looking like the same, Zubeida, you will laugh a lot seeing them. All three of them are ears with the right eye and all have shaved heads, beards, mustaches and even eyebrows. They have just entered Baghdad and want to be given a place to stay for one night, in the morning they will leave. Sister, I pray that you allow them to stay here. They will do some good to us by staying here at night.

Zubeida said to Safi, if this is what you want, then bring them, but tell them also the condition of hospitality at our house and tell them to read whatever is written on the wall inside. Safi ran happily after getting her sister’s permission and came inside with the three mystics. The mystics bowed down to Zubeida and Amina. Both of them answered Salaam and asked their well-being. After this he asked the mystics to have food.

The mystics saw the laborer and said that he seems to be a Muslim from Arabia. The people of Arabia are very firm in religion, but this one is drinking alcohol against religion. The laborer was very angry on hearing this and said, ‘Who are you people who are very religious. Have you not violated the rules of Islam by shaving your beard and mustache? What right do you have to object to my behavior and give me advice?’ The women said that you guys leave this useless debate and do not disturb the color; Take eat and drink. When the fakir people got drunk, they said, If there is a musical instrument here, let us sing and play something. Safi brought them instruments and they started playing and started singing in harmony with the notes of the instruments. During the playing of this song, they would also laugh and laugh and wah-wah in a loud voice. This made the biggest noise and the whole building started buzzing. In the meantime, he heard that someone was clapping at the door again. Safi ran like always to see who has come to the door now.

Shehrzad told Shahryar that by stopping the story at this place, I want to tell you that this time the Caliph Harun Rashid himself was the one who clapped. It was the rule of the Caliph that he often came out in the city in disguise at night to see the condition of the subjects with his own eyes. That night he was walking in the streets of Baghdad with his general secretary Jafar and the chief of spies, Masroor. All three of them were dressed as merchants. When they passed by the house of those women, they heard the sound of laughter and the sound of singing. Khalifa said that open the door of the house, I will see what is happening here. Jafar said that here some women are drinking and laughing, singing and playing, it is not good for you to go inside. It may also happen that seeing the disturbance in their melody, they insult you in a state of intoxication. But the Caliph did not listen to his advice and ordered that you go and get the door opened.

So Jafar opened the door. When Safi opened the door, Jafar kept looking at her appearance, then he quickly made up a story. She said, ‘Sundari, all three of us traders are residents of Mosil Nagar. We have come here with merchandise and have stayed in an inn. Tonight, a merchant from here had given us a feast. We went to his house. He made us a very tasty meal and gave us good wine to drink. When we got drunk, he called the dancers and ordered them to dance. It took a long time in this melody and a lot of sound started coming out of the intoxicating laughter and dancing and singing. At the same time, incidentally, the Kotwal of the city came out on patrol and raided that house. He turned everything upside down by opening the door and arrested several men. We jumped out of a wall to save our lives.

Saying this Jafar said, ‘We do not know anyone in this city, nor do we know the way here. We are afraid how we will reach the inn by wandering here and there. Then it is possible that the door of the inn was closed and we wandered the streets all night. It is also possible that the same Kotwal comes out patrolling and locks us up. Our condition is very pathetic. Sundari, if you kindly give permission, then we should stay at some place in your house for the whole night. If you consider us worthy of your company, then include us in your singing. We have understood that you are very adept at singing and playing. We are also interested in music and we too can contribute to your fun with our art.’

Safi said, I am not the owner of this house; You guys, stay here for a while, I’ll talk to the mistress for you; If he gives permission then there will be no problem and you will be able to spend the night here comfortably. Saying this Safi went inside and talked to her sisters about the condition of the new traders and their prayers. Both of them consulted with each other and with Safi and asked Safi to bring them in as well.

So Safi went there and brought Khalifa, Jafar and Masroor inside. All three bowed down to the women and the mystics with great courtesy and respect. All of them treated him as a businessman and gave a fitting reply to his greeting. Zubeida, who was the eldest and most intelligent of the three sisters, asked them about their well-being and said that you should not feel bad about what we say. Jafar said, what can come out of the mouths of you beauties, which can offend anyone? Zubeida said, ‘I have to say that you should keep quiet as far as you can and do not ask any question about anything which is not directly related to you. If you do not do this, we will be angry with you and the result will not be good for you.’ The minister said that if this is your order, then we will do the same and will not question about anything. Taking this promise, Zubeida placed food items in front of all of them and made them drink liquor.

While the minister was talking to Zubeida, the Caliph was surprised to see the beauty and sharp intellect of those women. He was also very surprised as to why the three mystics were blind from the right eye. He had a fervent desire that he should ask the secret of this fact from the mystics, but both his companions gestured and asked him not to do so. Seeing all the silver and gold decorations inside the house, he was saying in his mind that these things can only be magic, cannot be real. In the meantime, a fakir got up and started dancing in the manner of his country. The women liked that dance and everyone admired her dance skills.

When the mystics had finished dancing, Zubeida got up from her place and took Amina’s hand and said, ‘Sister, you already know that all the people present here are under our control and their presence cannot stop us from our daily work. .’ Amina understood his meaning and started cleaning the place. He picked up the vessels of food and the jars and cups of wine, put them in the cook-house, and removed the instruments of the song and sweeped the floor. After this, he cut the lights of all the lamps and lit some more fragrant oil lamps and decorated the room in a new way.

Amina now made the mystics and the Caliph and his companions sit in the hallway. Then told the laborer that a tough man like you should not sit like these people, you got up and helped us in our work. The laborer was still drowsy. He did not join the Ras-Rang in view of his status. He immediately stood up and after tying his robe tightly to his waist, said, tell me what is the work, I will do whatever you say. Safi said, you also put on the sleeves of the kurta because you have to work with your hands.

After some time Amina laid a post in the hallway and took the laborer with her and brought two black bitches from a cell. Bandages were tied around the necks of both the bitches and chains were tied in the pattas. According to his orders, the laborer took both the dogs into the hallway. Now Zubeida stood up with a tremor in anger. He took a cold breath and rolled up his sleeve. Then he took a whip from Safi’s hand and told the laborer to give the chain of one bitch to Amina and bring the other to me.

When the laborer brought a bitch to Zubeida as per his orders, the bitch started shouting in a loud voice. She looked at Zubeida with pity and rubbed her head on his feet. Zubeida paid no heed to his request and started whipping him rottenly. When Zubeida got suffocated while beating, she stopped beating. Then taking the chain of the bitch from the hand of the laborer, holding her front paws, made her stand on the hind legs. Seeing each other, the bitch and Zubeida started shedding tears with great sadness. Then Zubeida wiped the tears of the bitch with a handkerchief and kissed her in love with her face. Then handing over his chain to the laborer, he said that take this bitch in the hallway and bring the other one here. The laborer took this bitch and tied it in the hallway and took another bitch from Amina’s hand and brought it to Zubeida. Zubeida killed this bitch like the first bitch, Then cried with eyes in her eyes and made love by wiping her tears and kissing her mouth. After this, the laborer took this bitch in the hall and tied it.

The three mystics, the Caliph and his companions were astonished to see that at first Zubeida beat the bitches with utmost ruthlessness and then wept together with them. Apart from this, dogs are considered impure animals in the religion of Muslims. No one could understand that a cultured woman like Zubeida kissed her mouth after wiping her tears. Especially the Caliph could not stop his curiosity. He gestured and told the minister that this secret should be asked. At first the minister hesitated and looked at the other side. But when the Caliph kept on questioning the signal, he begged the signal itself to end this matter here at this time, do not ask anything.

Zubeida slept for a while after beating the dogs. Then Safi said to her, sister, you come and sit at your place, then let us do the next thing. Zubeida said, ‘Okay.’ Then she came in the hallway and sat on a post already laid. He put the Caliph and his companions on his right and the mystics and laborers on his left. Sitting on the post, she slept for some more time. After this he told Amina that sister, wake up, you know what you have to do now.

Amina got up on hearing this and went to the next cell and brought from there a chest covered in yellow satin and on top of it was a green embroidered veil. Amina took out a flute from it and gave it to Safi. Safi took out a pathetic melody from that flute and kept playing it for a long time. The Caliph and others present were extremely pleased to see his skill. Then Safi told Amina that now you play the flute, I am tired of playing. Amina took the flute and mixed it for some time, then started playing a big melodious melody and became engrossed in it while playing it. Zubeida highly praised his playing and said that now just do it, A very sad condition is happening because of your misery. Amina became so emotional that no one could answer Zubeida’s words, but she seemed to have lost her senses as she took off her upper garment. Now everyone saw that there were black spots on both the shoulders of that beauty as if someone had killed her mercilessly.

The scars were not only on his shoulders, but also on his arms. Everyone was even more surprised to see this incident. Amina’s condition had become so bad that she started to tremble and fell and Zubaida and Safi ran and took care of her.

A mystic said slowly, how sad that we are witnessing so many wonderful events and cannot even ask anyone about them. The Caliph heard this and came to those mystics and asked them whether any of you knew the secret of these women and beating bitches? The mystics said, none of us know these things, we have reached here only tonight before you came here. The curiosity of the Caliph increased further. He said, Maybe this man who is sitting next to you knows something. The fakir gestured and called the laborer closer to him and asked that do you know why Zubeida beat both the bitches and how Amina has black spots on her shoulders and arms.

The laborer said that I say on the blessings of God that I do not know anything. I have come to this house only today and these three women live in this house. The Caliph and the mystics thought that the man would be the servant of those women. Now everyone is convinced that there is no possibility of disclosing.

But the Caliph was not ready to give up. He said, We are seven men and these only three women. Let us all ask this distinction from them together. If these people happily tell it, then it is okay, otherwise we will forcefully get them to talk.

The minister’s opinion was to the contrary. He said in the ear of the Caliph, ‘We have all been given a great welcome here and we have been entertained by the singing and playing of songs. In such a situation, coercion is not good. Then you also see on what condition these women have made us their guest; We have also accepted their condition that we will not inquire anything. If we break this promise, won’t these people call us dishonest? And if they say this to us, then it will be a matter of drowning for us.

The minister further explained, ‘You should also consider that when these women have so confidently put a condition to remain silent before us, then it seems that they have some such power by which these people can punish those who break the condition. Huh. If this happens then it will be a matter of even more shame for us, no matter how much we punish them later. … I also want to say that now the night has passed. Don’t say anything at this time. When it is morning, I will catch all these women and bring them to your court and you will ask them whatever you want.’

The Caliph was so insistent that he did not listen to such advice and rebuked the minister that you keep quiet, I cannot wait till morning. He told the mystics that you should ask this matter to Zubeida. He denied that we did not have the courage. Then they all insisted and convinced the laborer to ask this.

When Zubeida saw these people, she asked them what are you talking about amongst themselves. The laborer said, ‘Sundari, my companions want to know why you cried after beating both the bitches mercilessly and how the woman who lost her senses has black spots on her shoulders and arms.’ Zubeida was furious on hearing this. He asked all the people whether all of you had asked the laborer to ask me these things. Everyone unanimously said that except Jafar, we all wanted to know these things and we had asked the laborer to ask you these things. Zubeida said, You all are dishonest. You all had promised not to ask anything about anything here and you could not control your curiosity at all. We have kindly given you all a place to stay for the night and you could not keep a simple promise. Now your hospitality is not necessary for me at all and you should bear the fruits of your actions.’

Having said this, Zubeida clapping her feet three times on the ground and said loudly, ‘Come immediately.’ As soon as he said this, a door opened and seven mighty ninjas came out with drawn swords, and each nigga threw each man to the ground and sat on their chest and all the swords came out of the sheath. The Caliph was dying of wrath and shame, what could he have expected of such behaviour?

The chief of the Negroes asked Zubeida, ‘Best beauty, what is your command? Shall we end these people here?’ Zubeida said, ‘No, stay for a while. First, ask these people who they are and why they had come. Saying this he told the seven guests that you guys tell your condition.

The laborer cried and said, ‘Leave me for God’s sake. I have no fault. I fell in love with these people. Kaane Fakir will bring misfortune wherever he goes.’ Zubeida laughed hearing this. She said, ‘No one will be left like this. First every man should tell his condition that who he really is, where he has come from, what are the qualities in him and what is the reason for coming here. If there is even the slightest lie in these things, then his neck will be killed immediately.’

Everyone was upset, but Caliph Harun’s anxiety was naturally the most aggravated. She once thought that although she cannot be removed from the claws of this woman, but if she gives her proper introduction immediately, then she will definitely respect me. He slowly consulted the minister. He said that to protect your honor, it is necessary that we remain silent now. Zubeida asked the three mystics, are you all three brothers? One replied that we are not brothers; They wear the same clothes and live together. Zubeida again asked that are you people alone by birth. One of them said it was not so; Such calamities fell upon us which are not only worth knowing but also written in history, from them our eyes kept going and because of them we shaved our beards, mustaches and eyebrows and became mystics.

Zubeida asked the same questions one by one to the remaining two fakirs and both of them gave the same answers as the fakir had given earlier. The third also said, ‘If you permit, we shall tell our account in detail. All three of us have met this evening in this city because all three of us have come from outside. Believe me, all three of us are princes and our father is a big and famous emperor. We all want to tell our story in detail.

Zubeida’s anger subsided because of those people. He said to the negroes, ‘You guys get off their chest. These people will sit and say their condition. Whoever tells you his complete condition and reason for coming to this house, leave him so that he can go wherever he wants. Whoever doesn’t do this, blow off his head. Now you stand behind these people with drawn swords.’ So in the same hallway the Caliph and 6 other people were made to sit on a carpet. Behind each man, a negro stood with a drawn sword so that Zubeida could kill him as soon as he signaled it. First of all the worker spoke his mind.

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