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Story of Amatya – Alif Laila

There was a king in ancient times, his prince was very fond of Mrigaya. The king loved her very much, did not deny any wish of the prince. One day the prince wanted to go hunting. The king called one of his Amatyas and said to go with the prince; You know all the ways, the prince does not know, so do not leave the prince’s side even for a moment.

The prince went to the forest for hunting with Amatya and many others. After some time a reindeer came out from the front. The prince put the horse behind him. Amatya thought that the prince’s horse was fast and soon the reindeer would be killed. So he relaxed a bit. But the reindeer kept running. The prince went after her for many years but could not find her. He forgot the way. He wanted to go back to meet his Amatya and other hunter-gatherers, but he completely went astray.

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While wandering, he saw at one place that a very beautiful woman was moaning. The prince stopped his horse and asked the woman why are you crying. The woman told that I am a princess of a country, I was going from here on my horse alone due to special circumstances that I fell asleep and I fell from the horse and my horse also ran into the forest, I don’t even know Know where he has gone. The prince took pity on her. He put him on his horse in front of him and went to the side where the woman had told her capital.

After some time the woman said that I am tired on the horse, I want to walk. The prince took her off and started walking with her. But he was very surprised to see that when he reached near a wall, he cried out and said, ‘Children, be happy. I have brought you a big fat freshman to hunt.’ The voice came in response, Amma, where is that man. Give it to us soon We are very hungry. The prince was very frightened on hearing this. He understood that this woman belonged to the caste of cannibal forest dwellers and had brought me here fraudulently to kill and eat me. He started turning on the horse. When the woman saw that the victim was getting out of hand, she turned back and said, ‘Why are you upset, this was joking with you. The prince said, ‘Well, you have come to your house and now I am leaving.’ woman said who are you Where will you go. The prince told his condition that he had forgotten the way while playing hunting. The woman said, ‘Then why don’t you come with me? rest a while.’

The prince did not understand whether to believe the woman or not. He finally raised both hands and said, ‘O Lord, if You are almighty, save me from this calamity and show me my way.’ As soon as he said this, the cannibal woman disappeared in a dense forest and after some time the prince also found his way. Reaching his palace, he told his whole story to his father about how he got separated from Amatya and survived being trapped in the claws of the cannibal. The king was so enraged by this that he got Amatya killed.

After narrating such a story, Shahrajad then said that the emperor Salamat, after narrating this anecdote to the minister Garik, started saying, ‘I have learned from reliable sources that Hakim Duban is a spy of some of your enemies and he has sent it here so that you should slowly Kill it slowly It is true that your disease has been cured now, but the effect of medicines will be such that you will suffer a lot and it is possible that it may even become life-threatening.

The minister seduced the emperor so much that he started doubting the Hakim. He said, ‘Maybe you are right. It may have come for the purpose of killing me and at some point inflicted on me some medicine that would kill me. I really feel a threat to myself.’ The minister thought that his conspiracy should be completed soon, lest the emperor’s thoughts be reversed later. He said, ‘Sir, then what is the delay. Why don’t you call him now and get him killed?’ The king said, ‘Well, that’s what I do.’

The emperor sent a chieftain to bring Duban here at this time. The messenger brought him in a short time. On the arrival of Duban, the emperor asked, ‘You know why I have called you at this time’ He requested that I do not know. The king said, ‘I have called you to be executed so that I can save you from your conspiracy.’ Hakim was very surprised by this and asked what is my crime that you are getting me killed. The king said, ‘You are a spy of some of my enemies and have come here to kill me. It is proper for me not to delay even for a moment in executing you. Saying this, the emperor asked the same chieftain to kill the Hakim.

The Hakim understood that my enemies had turned the king’s mind away from me out of jealousy. He started regretting that why I came here to cure the emperor and did the stuff of his life. He continued to prove his innocence in front of the emperor for a long time but the emperor insisted on killing him. He ordered the Sardar for the second time to kill Hakim. Hakim started saying that you are getting me killed innocently, God will take revenge of my murder from you.

Saying this, the fisherman said to the demon of Gagar that whatever was between Duban and King Gareek is between you, well listen to the next story, when the executioner started tying his blindfold to kill Duban, the king’s courtiers Considering the Hakim innocent, once again requested the emperor not to take his life, but the emperor rebuked them all in such a way that he did not have the courage to say anything. Hakim was convinced that somehow my life could not be saved. He said to the king, ‘Swami, give me enough time to go home and write a will. I want to give my books to a deserving person. But one of those books deserves to be kept in your own library.

The king said, ‘Which book do you have that is worthy of me? What’s in that book? Duban said, ‘There are many wonderful and useful things in him. One of them is that after my head is beheaded, whatever question you ask by reading the third line of the left page of the sixth page of the book, I will answer my severed head.’ The emperor was surprised to hear this. After thinking, he ordered that Hakim be taken to his house under guard. According to the orders of the emperor, the soldiers took Hakim to his house. Hakim wrapped up his work in a day. The next day when he was taken before the emperor, he had a thick book wrapped in a cloth in his hands.

The Hakim said to the emperor, ‘If I put my severed head in a gold plate on a cloth wrapped in that book, then the bleeding will stop. After this, whatever you ask after reading my mentioned line, he will tell my severed head. But I request you again that I am innocent. Have mercy on me and withdraw the order of my slaughter. The king said, no, now whatever I want to hear, I will hear from your severed head. There is no use in beating you up.

Saying this the emperor took the book in his hand and ordered the executioner to kill the hakim. Then he put the cover cloth of the book on a gold platter and when the bleeding stopped from his head, he and the courtiers were very surprised. Now that severed head opened its eyes and said to the emperor, ‘Open the sixth page of the book.’ The emperor wanted to do so but the pages of the book were glued to each other. So he started separating the pages by spitting in his finger. When the sixth page was opened, the emperor wanted to read the third line of the left page, but he saw that nothing was written on that page. When he told this, the severed head said, ‘Look at the front pages, maybe it is written in them.’ The emperor began to separate the pages by spitting in his finger.

In fact, Hakim had put poison on every page of the book. After repeatedly rubbing the spitting finger on the pages and then going into the mouth, the poison in those pages entered the body of the emperor. The condition of the emperor started deteriorating but he did not pay any attention to it in the hobby of getting answers to the questions from the severed head. Eventually his eyesight also dimmed and he fell down from the throne. When the head of the Hakim saw that the poison was completely absorbed and the emperor was a guest for two moments, he laughed and said, O cruel unjust, you have seen what is the result of killing an innocent.’ Hearing this, the emperor lost his life. Thus he got the fruits of his actions.

Queen Shehrzad told Shahryar that the story of Hakim Duban and Emperor Gareek, which the fisherman had told to the demon, is over, now I proceed with the story of the fisherman and the demon.

The fisherman after narrating this story started saying to the demon, ‘If the poor king had not killed Hakim Duban, God would not have punished him like this. Your condition, the demon, is also like that of that king. If you did not wish to kill me by getting out of bondage, then you would not have been in bondage again. Now why should I have mercy on you and set you free again? I am again throwing you along with Gagar into the river where you will lie for eternity.

The demon said, ‘My friend, if you do not do this, I will never intend to kill you now. Good should be done in return for evil. You also do the same good to me as Imma did to Atika.’ The fisherman said, ‘I do not know that story, if you tell, I will listen.’ The demon said, ‘If you want to hear this story, then release me because I will not be able to speak well in Gagar. Not only this, if you free me, I will tell many other good stories.’ The fisherman said, ‘I will not listen to your story.’ The monster said, ‘If you leave me, I will tell you the way to become very rich.’ The fisherman got some greed. He said, ‘I do not believe in your words, but if you say by the promise of Ismay-Azam (Mahamantra) that you will not cheat on me and will stand firm on your word, then I will leave you.’ The demon did the same.

As soon as the fisherman opened the cover of the gaggar, smoke came out of it and spread. After some time he took the form of a demon. The demon stumbled and drowned Gagar in the river. Seeing this the fisherman was very scared and said, ‘O monster, what have you done? Don’t you want to stick to your word? I have done to you what Hakim Duban did to Badshah Gareek.’ When the fisherman was frightened, the demon laughed and said, ‘Don’t be afraid, I am firm on my word. Now you lift your net and follow me.

Immediately they both went and came out from inside a city and climbed to the top of a mountain. Then descended from there and went to a long and wide palace. A pond appeared in that palace with four mounds around it. On reaching the pond, the demon said to the fisherman, ‘You put a net in this pond and catch the fish.’ The fisherman became happy because there were many fish in the pond. When he pulled a net into the pond, four fish came in it which were of four colors – white, red, yellow and black.

The demon said, ‘Take these fish and go to the king here. He will give you so much wealth that you have never even seen. But keep one thing in mind. Throwing a net in the pond only once in a day.’ Saying this the demon hit the ground hard. The ground broke and the demon got into it. After entering that pit of the demon, the earth became equal again as if it had never been buried in it. The fisherman took those four fish to the emperor’s palace.

Shehrzad told Shahryar that it is beyond my power to describe the happiness that the emperor felt on seeing those fish. He asked his minister to take these fish to the cook which the king of Greece has given to me as a gift. Only he is smart enough to cook these beautiful fish properly. The minister took the fish to the cook. The emperor gave four hundred seals to the fisherman as a reward.

Shehrzad spoke to Shahryar that now listen to the condition of that chef, what had happened to him. The cook cut the fish into pieces and washed them in hot oil for roasting. When the pieces turned red after roasting on one side, he turned them over to roast them on the other side. His eyes lit up with what he saw at that time. He saw that the wall of the kitchen was torn. Out of it, a very beautiful woman came out wearing gaudy clothes with great pomp. Various gems and ornaments were adorned on his body like the queens of the country of Egypt. He had valuable earrings in his ears, a garland of huge pearls around his neck, and in his arms were gold bracelets studded with red. Apart from these, she was also wearing many valuable ornaments.

The woman came out and took a valuable stick holding in her hand and stood near the pan in which the fish were being roasted. He put a rod on a fish and said, ‘O fish, oh fish, are you keeping your promise?’ There was no movement in the fish, the woman again took the stick and repeated her question. On this the four fish got up and said, ‘It is a fact that if you believe us, then we will obey you and if you return our loan, we will return your loan.’ On hearing this, the woman turned to the pan in which the fish were not roasted. Reversed on the ground and engulfed itself in the wall and joined the wall as before.

Seeing this incident, the cook lost her senses. After some time, when I came to my senses, I saw that the fish had become coal after falling inside the stove. She started crying very sad. She was thinking that I have seen all this business with my own eyes but how will the emperor believe in it. She was sitting with this concern that the minister came and asked whether the fish were cooked or not. The chef told the minister the whole situation; the minister did not believe in this story, but he did not think it right to complain about the cook. He made some excuse for the fish being spoiled and called the fisherman and asked him to bring four more such fish. The fisherman did not tell him the promise made to the demon, but someone else told him why he could not bring fish today.

The next day the fisherman again went to that pond and fishes of four colors of the same type got caught in his net. Taking the fish, he reached the minister. The minister gave him some reward and brought the fish to the cook and asked him to cook them in front of me. The cook cut and washed the fish like the first day and put them in hot oil and when he turned them in the pan, the wall broke and the same woman came out from inside the wall with a stick in her hand and touched a fish with the stick and asked about the first day . The four fish joined together, raising their heads and standing on the tail and gave the same answer. The woman again overturned the pan and engulfed herself in the wall and the wall was joined again and became as before.

The minister was shocked seeing all these things. Now he thought it right to tell this thing to the emperor. When he told this incident to the emperor, he was also very surprised. He said that I want to see all this with my own eyes. He then asked the fisherman to bring four more such fish. The fisherman said now I am unable to bring fish before three days. Since the whole business was wonderful, the emperor did not put any emphasis on the fisherman. After three days he again brought four of the same fish and gave them to the emperor. The emperor was pleased and gave him four hundred more ashrafis.

Now the king told the minister that remove the chef and you yourself should cook these fish in front of me. The minister closed the cook’s food from inside and started cooking the fish. When the fish was turned on one side when it turned red, the wall burst once again. But this time no beauty came out of it, but a negro came out dressed like a slave with a green stick in his hand. The negro asked in a very harsh and fearful voice, ‘Fish, fish, are you still standing by your word? The fish raised their heads and said, ‘We stand on that point.’ Habshi overturned the wok and himself entered the hole in the wall and the wall joined as before.

The king said to the minister, ‘I have seen this wonderful incident myself, otherwise I would not have believed it. These fish are also not ordinary. I am very curious to know this secret.’ Saying this he called the fisherman again and asked him from where did you get these colorful fish. The fisherman told that I have caught him from the pond which has four mounds around it. The king asked the minister, do you know where that pond is? The minister said that I have been going hunting on that side for sixty years, but I have not seen or heard such a pond. Now the king asked the fisherman how far is that pond and can you take me there? The fisherman said that the pond is on the way for three hours from here and I will definitely take you there.

At that time the day was short, but the emperor was so eager that he ordered his courtiers and guards to get ready soon. Then he followed the fisherman and climbed the mountain he had told him. When he landed on the other side of the mountain, a huge forest appeared there. No one had seen this forest before. Then the emperor and his companions crossed that forest too and everyone reached the bank of the pond which had four mounds around it. The water of that pond was very clear and countless fishes of the four colors which he got from the fisherman were swimming in that pond. The king’s surprise increased further. He asked his courtiers and chieftains whether you have seen this pond before or not. They all requested that we have not even heard about how to see this pond.

The king said that till I do not understand the secret of this pond and its colorful fishes, I will not leave from here, you all should also camp here. According to his orders, the tents of the courtiers and guards fell around the pond.

At night he called the minister to his tent and said, ‘I am very curious to know the secret of how the negro came to that cook-house and how he talked to the fish, and also want to know that this pond which has been He had not seen where it had suddenly come from. I am unable to suppress my curiosity, so I thought that I should unveil this mystery alone. I’m going alone you stay here In the morning when the courtiers come here for the court, tell them that the emperor has become somewhat ill and wants to stay here peacefully for a few days. Having said this, send all the courtiers and guards back to the capital and you wait alone in this tent till the time I return.’

The minister explained a lot to the emperor, ‘Your Majesty, don’t do this. There is a great danger in this work. It is also possible that even after doing all this, you may not get any secret knowledge. Then why are you suffering so much in vain and taking so much risk. His persuasion had no effect on the emperor. He took off the king’s robe and put on the clothes of an ordinary soldier. While everyone was sleeping soundly, he came out of his camp with a sword and, walking to one side, climbed a mountain. In no time he reached its peak and landed on the other side. Next he saw a deep forest. He started walking inside it. After going some distance, it was morning and when he went away he saw a beautiful palace. He was very happy to see this building and hoped that he would come to know about the secret of the pond at this place.

Arriving near the building, he saw that it was huge and made of black stones. Its walls were inlaid with cleaned steel sheets that shone like mirrors. The emperor was sure that here he would get the desired information. He stood for a long time admiring the beauty of the building and then went to him. He was seeing that the door of the building was open, yet as a courtesy he clapped so that someone would come from inside after hearing his voice. When no one came, he rattled Sankal, thinking that the sound of his clapping might not have reached inside.

When no one came out even after rattling the chain, the king got angry that there is a strange house where no one comes and asks even after calling. He went inside and reached the porch and called out loudly whether there is any person inside this building to give some place for a guest to stay. Still, when he did not get any answer, his surprise increased. Proceeding from the porch, he entered the house and saw that there is a bigger and wider house from inside but there is no one inside it. Now he crossed a long wide courtyard and reached a hallway. There was a silk carpet in it. The house inside was even more decorated. The doors were covered with inlaid velvet curtains embroidered with gold and silver flowers. Inside there was a barahdari with a cistern around which four lions were made of gold. Water fountains used to come out of the lions’ mouths and when their water fell on the marble floor below, it seemed like millions of diamonds and jewels were jumping. a fountain in the middle of the cistern

Apart from this, there were three gardens in that huge building, in which there were many fragrant flowers and exquisite fruit trees with great aroma. Everything in the gardens was arranged in such a way that even a sad person would be immersed in joy on seeing them. Various beautiful birds were chirping on the trees.

Those birds lived on the same trees, could not fly away because the nets were lying on the trees. The emperor went from room to room and from one garden to another, enjoying everything. He got tired of roaming around and started resting in a house and started looking at the beauty of the garden in front.

In the meantime, he heard a strange voice, as if someone was moaning in great sorrow. When he listened by holding his ears, he came to know that some man is crying and telling his story of compassion and cursing his misfortune. The king lifted the curtain of the room from which this sound was coming. He saw a young man sitting on a high thing like a throne, wearing a royal robe and weeping in a sad voice. When the king went near him and saluted, the young man said, ‘I am sorry I am unable to get up to welcome you, that is why I could not come to you. The king said, ‘I have been greatly impressed by your polite behavior. In fact, there must be some unavoidable reason why you can’t get up. But I am deeply pained to see your suffering.

You tell me how can I solve your problem. Please don’t hesitate to tell me your problem. Please tell how you are in this condition of compulsion here. Also tell to whom is this grand palace and why it is uninhabited. Also tell me – because this is what I set out to find out – what is the secret of the nearby pond and who are its fish.’

Hearing this, the young man started crying again and said, ‘Look before you hear my condition. Having said this, he picked up his clothes and the king saw that he was a living human being above the navel and made of black stone below. His eyes widened and he said, ‘I was surprised to see everything here, but seeing this condition of yours, my wonder and curiosity have increased a lot. Tell your details for God’s sake. I am sure that the mystery of the colorful fish of the pond is also related to you. Tell me your sad story soon, because by telling it to others, some of the misery of a man is removed.’ The young man said that I am also troubled by the description of my condition, but I say so because of your order.

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