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Adaptation of a fable of unknown origin

According to a curious fable, a hammer, a screw and a piece of sandpaper decided to organize a meeting to discuss some problems that had arisen between them. The three tools, who were friends, used to have fights often, but this time things went from dark brown and it was urgent to end the disputes.

Despite their initial good disposition, a problem soon arose: they clashed so much that they were not even able to agree on who would have the honor of leading the debate.

At first the screw and the sandpaper thought that the best candidate was the hammer, but in a flash they changed their minds. The screw did not cut a hair and explained his reasons.

– Look, come to think of it, hammer, you shouldn’t be the one leading the assembly. You’re too loud, always hitting everything! I’m sorry, but you will not be the chosen one.

The hammer was very angry because he felt perfectly qualified for the position of moderator!

Furious, he replied:

– So what do we have, huh? Well, if I can’t, miserable screw, neither can you. You’re inept and you only serve to turn and turn on yourself like a fool!

The screw thought what the hammer said was fatal! He felt so angry that, for a few seconds, the metal of his body heated up and turned red.

The sandpaper thought it was a very comical situation and had a fit of laughter that, of course, did not sit well with the other two.

The screw, very irritated, rebuked him:

– And what are you laughing at, stupid sandpaper? Don’t even dream that you will be the president of the assembly! You are very harsh and approaching you is very unpleasant because you scratch. You do not deserve such an important position and I refuse to give you the vote!

The hammer agreed and, without setting a precedent, agreed with him.

– Well, hala, I refuse too!

Things were getting very, very ugly and they were about to come to blows!

Luckily, something unexpected happened: at that crucial moment… the carpenter entered!

Sensing his presence, the three tools fell silent and stood still as stakes. From their posts they watched as, oblivious to the anger, he placed several pieces of beech wood on the floor and began to make a beautiful table.

Naturally, man needed to use different tools to carry out the work: the hammer to hit the nails that join the different parts, the screw to make holes, and the piece of sandpaper to remove the roughness of the wood and leave it shiny.

The table turned out fantastic, and as night fell, the carpenter went to sleep. As soon as silence reigned in the carpentry, the three tools came together to chat, but this time with calm and a much more positive attitude.

The hammer was the first to raise its voice.

– Friends, I am embarrassed by what happened this morning. We’ve said horrible things to each other that aren’t true.

The screw also felt bad and agreed with him.

– It is true… We have discussed throwing our defects in our faces when in reality we all have virtues that are worthwhile.

The sandpaper also agreed.

– Yes, guys, the three of us are worth a lot and the three of us are essential in this carpentry. Look what a cool table we have built together!

After this reflection, they gave each other a strong friendship hug. They made a great team and never had any problems with each other again.

Moral: Always value your own work but don’t forget that what others do is just as important as yours. All of us have many good things to contribute to our environment and to others.

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