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Practicing sports is very important for human beings, whatever their age. It consists of dedicating part of our time to physical activity, that is, to exercising by moving the parts of our body. When we play sports we have fun and have a good time.

There are individual sports like swimming and group sports like soccer. All of them have a series of rules that must be respected and complied with. Those are the rules of the game.
When sports are played to win a trophy or a medal, we are talking about competitive sports. In this case, the athlete must train hard to achieve the goal, which is to win.

Sport has many benefits. It helps us to strengthen our muscles and bones, and in general improves our physical condition and the appearance of our body. In addition, exercising entertains us and relaxes us, so we will have a good mood during the day, we will be more concentrated in class and we will sleep better at night.

Sports teach us to strive for things and try to overcome difficulties. We also learn to play with others, to respect the opponent and that although we do not always win, the important thing is to enjoy the game.

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