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Intermittences A Short Love Story | Love Stories to Read

The men and women who dress in light surround me, but little by little they move away after placing a look on me mixing pity, failure and resignation. I see the metal penetrate my entrails, but I don’t feel anything, I see bloody hands penetrate the wounds that my body has, but I don’t feel anything.

They lead me through a labyrinth of tunnels of light, I can feel tension, nervousness, a woman wipes her tears with my hand, staining her cheeks red, she screams, she seeks my gaze trying to show me her soul, but I am not in control of my eyes.

Everything is moving, everyone is moving in a hurry to do something but I don’t know what. A deep sleep begins to invade me that seems to lead me to nowhere and finally my eyes close. I hear a continuous beep that fades at the same rate as my heartbeat. But startled as if I woke up from a nightmare, I suddenly regain consciousness with my body completely tense, then the plates are withdrawn and my heart gallops while the beep I heard before continues intermittently in the race. A voice says: ‘… by the hair. Luckily we’ve already arrived … ‘

Just a thud, no apparent pain, just the darkness of my eyes veiling my mind from a too shocking memory. The second blow I do notice, on the head and on the ribs, several must have broken, I still cannot see anything. In my ears the roar of an engine and the subsequent braking are repeated over and over again. My lips taste blood and my tongue searches unsuccessfully for a missing tooth. Smell of burnt tires and asphalt mix in my nostrils and my hands shake uncontrollably as my legs seem asleep. Only one image appears as a flash: my head resting on the road, its contact with the wounds burns my cheekbones. A few meters from me a woman gets up from the ground while fixing her horrified and beautiful eyes on me, more people on the sidewalks look at me. I blink and the image disappears, a distant siren approaches.

I leave home like every day on the way to college. As the day is good, I decide to walk and give the planet a break by leaving the car in the garage. Exceptionally today I have managed to leave early and I can afford it, I am quite encouraged, it seems that it is going to be a pleasant day. I walk several streets, I cross a couple of avenues and I wait at as many traffic lights, always with a clear mind, without thinking about problems, just letting myself be carried away by the impulse of my legs, enjoying the beauty of the city, trying to imagine where the people who cross my path will address themselves, psychoanalyzing them by the way they dress, walk or look at me. Until I come across a look that does not allow me to read his soul, hidden behind beautiful eyes that I cannot stop chasing for fear that they will disappear.

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