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Elephant and Sparrow Panchatantra Story

A sparrow lived with her husband on a tree. She was eagerly waiting for the chicks to emerge from the eggs in their nest.

It is a matter of one day that the sparrow was laying its eggs and her husband had also gone out to arrange food as usual.

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Just then an angry elephant came there and started trampling the nearby trees and plants. During the same demolition, he also reached the sparrow tree and he shook it vigorously to bring down the tree, the tree was strong enough so the elephant could not break the tree and left, but because of its shaking, the sparrow His nest broke down and fell and all his eggs broke.

The sparrow became very sad and started crying loudly, when her husband also came back, he too was very sad and they decided to take revenge on the elephant and teach him a lesson.

He is a friend of his; which was a woodpecker; Reached him and told him the whole thing. They wanted the help of the woodpecker to take revenge on the elephant. The woodpecker had two other friends; A bee and a frog. Together they planned to take revenge on the elephant.

According to the plan, the bee first started the work. He started humming the song in the ear of the elephant. The elephant seemed to enjoy the music and when the elephant was immersed in the music, the woodpecker started working on the next step. He broke both the eyes of the elephant. The elephant started moaning in pain.

After that the frog with his platoon went to a swamp and together they all started groaning. Hearing the howl of the frogs, the elephant thought that there was a pond nearby. He went in the direction of that voice and got stuck in the swamp. In this way the elephant slowly got stuck in the swamp and died.

Lesson: If even the weakest of the weakest people work unitedly, then the greatest work can be accomplished and even the biggest enemy can be defeated.

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