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Moorakh Sadhu Aur Thag | Panchatantra Stories in English

Foolish monk and thug Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time, in a village temple there lived an eminent monk named Dev Sharma. Everyone in the village respected him. He used to get various kinds of clothes, gifts, food items and money in charity from his devotees. By selling those clothes, the monk had accumulated a lot of money.

The sage never trusted anyone and was always concerned about the security of his wealth. He kept his money in a bag and always carried it with him.

A thug lived in the same village. For a long time, his eyes were on the wealth of the sage. The thug always followed the monk, but the monk never let that bundle be separated from him.

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Eventually, the thug disguised as a student went to the hermit. He begged the sage to take him as his disciple because he wanted to gain knowledge. The sage agreed and thus the thug started living in the temple with the sage.

The thug used to do all the other work from cleaning the temple and the thug did a lot of service to the monk and soon became his confidant.

One day the sage was invited for a ritual in a nearby village, the sage accepted the invitation and on the fixed day the sage went out with his disciple to participate in the ritual.

A river fell on the way and the monk expressed his desire to take a bath. He put the bundle of money inside a blanket and placed it on the bank of the river. He asked the thug to guard the goods and himself went to take a bath. Since when the thug was waiting for this moment. As the sage went to take a dip in the river, he was shocked with a bundle of money.
Lesson: Don’t believe a stranger just because of his smooth talk.

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