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When it comes to expressing the beauty of life and the world around us through written language, poetry has a privileged position. It is one of the most emotionally charged literary forms, and identifying a text with poetic connotation is quite simple, you just have to delve a little into its lines.

There are some basic tools used by poets, which can be appreciated automatically, even if you do not have extensive experience as a poetry reader. The rhyme , for example, is one of the techniques that are appreciated for the sonority that they contribute to the texts and for the way in which they are recorded in the mind.

These literary methods can be set aside, depending on the type of writer, there is a unique feature, which regardless of the author’s form and style , is not set aside. And that is the very beauty of the lines, since, although the poems speak of the darkest situations of life, they contain an intrinsic beauty that is easily appreciated.In Kahaniyan you will find more poems for kids.

The first long poems with an author

The writers, depending on the moment and the implicit feeling in it, decide to make short or long poems. In this way, they experiment in various ways with their ideas and emotions. With the short texts they directly attack an issue, and they are texts that enclose a genuine beauty, attainable thanks to the apparent simplicity they display.

Long Poems

On the other hand, long poems allow the maximum creativity of the author to be revealed and the ideas in which one wishes to deepen are further developed. This type of poems usually surprise by its structure and by the metaphors that are left on the road. Naturally, the characteristic beauty of this literary genre is not lost.

Due to their simplicity, simplicity and scope, short poems invade the literary field of poetry in large numbers, but there are some long poems that have remained recorded in history for their majestic creative quality , reaching all kinds of audiences.

When the printing press was far from being a known and habitual process in society, poets had to manage to make their verses known. Then the creativity of the artists was revealed, and they mixed their writing with other forms of expression such as music.

Homer was one of the geniuses who was immortalized thanks to his work. “The Iliad” and the “Odyssey” are his masterpieces, written to bring them to the public through song. In this way, the poems gained an important multifunctionality in the world of literature and art in general, they are written to sing, declaim or simply to be read.

Poetry is, without a doubt, an incredible way to raise awareness and sensitize people. It is also essential to enrich the language and imagination of readers, who spontaneously nourish their minds with each reading.

Even if they read the recent poems of the writers who are currently living in literature, they can function as a means of information about some social or natural event that is happening in the world. This is because poets are not limited to a particular theme and are given the task of philosophizing about almost anything.

It is not uncommon to see an author who has written long poems to talk about love, the universe or some critical moment at a social level, since it is a way of writing that allows delving into any topic that has been addressed, and that, for Of course, it grants more creative freedom, since they can end up combining their work with music or theater.

“The Raven” was the long poem that was the first success of Edgar Allan Poe , a man run over by life, and who was not understood by society. Several personal misfortunes, death and war were some of the eventualities that marked and tormented him during his life. All this reflected in his aforementioned masterpiece.

“Epigram with wall”, this long poem by Mario Benedetti reflects the freedom that poets have to talk about anything. The Berlin wall, which divided Germany for 28 years, was the focus of attention in its lines, which reflected the feeling of injustice that Benedetti felt, as far as the construction of the wall was concerned.

“Fervor de Buenos Aires” by Jorge Luis Borges , who was one of the greatest exponents of 20th century literature, is a really long poem, written in 1923, that talks about the city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina. The poem describes emblematic places in the city, its streets, and even some of its native customs.

“Los amorosos” is a poem written by Jaime Sabines , one of the most famous Mexican poets of the 20th century, winner of multiple awards for his work. Auditoriums filled to hear him read his poems, which spoke of love and the things that made life beautiful in itself.

Long poems that rhyme for kids

Literature is an art form that allows writers to express their emotions through writing. Poetry is one of the textual forms of expression that exist, and one of its main attractions is rhyme .

That its lines rhyme leaves a pleasant sensation to the ear and to the eye. For adults it is excellent, but in kids it plays a fundamental role so that they become interested and memorize the information.

In this type of poems, quite elaborate structures and combinations of techniques are usually appreciated to make the lines rhyme, in this way the text gains a sense of diversity, which breaks the sound monotony that can be generated in case of applying a single method.

Long poems are not read by the general public as often as short ones, but they have a great linguistic and emotional quality to be admired. These are a good way to enjoy some metaphors, and to understand a little more about the writer’s way of thinking.

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