Short Stories for Kids

Short myths of all kinds. What are myths and legends?
In ancient times, cultures used stories to explain natural events or justify their beliefs . These stories are called myths or short myths and, on many occasions, are accompanied by popular tales and legends , which tell stories between realists and supernaturals about typified human figures. However, legends are a literary genre that has been used throughout history, so we find more modern legends. All these myths and legends of the world tell magnificent stories and that, adapted, become perfect readings for children.

Mythology for kids
Kahniyan puts at your disposal myths and legends for children , which will teach the little ones to understand the way in which different cultures understood the functioning of nature and the justifications they gave to their traditions. For this reason, they must be distinguished from fantasy tales or folk tales, since they have a solid base rooted in the oldest customs of a certain culture. Some legends and especially long captions have a content that is not recommended for children, that is why we have taken care of selecting short children’s captions suitable for a child audience, and above all we have selected short captions for elementary school children.

Symbology of myths and short legends for children
Many traditional legends have been those that have reached the ears of great authors of literature and the reason why they have written great stories set in these popular myths. This is common in Latin American stories where we can learn traditional stories from certain regions of Latin America thanks to the fact that they are told in works by internationally recognized authors.

When we speak of mythology, we cannot ignore the great symbolic load that it presents. The oldest myths and legends introduce what are known as archetypes , that is, tangible representations of ideas. Thus, these figures that represent ideas of the human being have been and will continue to be used in artistic manifestations of any kind. For this reason, sowing references in the child’s mind with these myths and legends for children will help him in the subsequent understanding of the readings that he will face throughout his life, highlighting in this aspect more advanced readings. The recurring models in the myths and legends for children selected by Kahniyan will lay firm foundations,expanding the cultural baggage of the child.

We have tried to select all kinds of examples of myths and legends, animal legends, children’s legends, in general legends to read short

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