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Cherries are the small fruits of a tree called a cherry tree. Most of the cherries are round, have a deep red color, have very juicy pulp and hide a small stone inside. Its flavor is more or less sweet depending on the variety.

The cherries are collected in the summer season and are usually eaten raw. Delicious recipes are prepared with them: juices, jams, liqueurs, creams to fill cakes… They are also used to make a cold soup that has been very fashionable in recent years: cherry gazpacho!

Once taken from the tree, they rot in a few days. One of the ways to enjoy cherries all year round is by preserving them in a syrup made with water and sugar called almíbar.

If you like cherries, you are in luck because, in addition to being delicious, they are very healthy. If you eat them from time to time, your heart will work better, your skin will be softer, and at night, you will sleep like a log.

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