Sheikh Chilli Story

How did Sheikh chilli got its name | the story of shekh chilli

Kaise Naam Pada Sheikh Chilli ?: Sheikh Chilli Story

It is said about Sheikh chilli that he was born in a village in a poor Sheikh family. Father had passed away in childhood, mother brought up and brought up. The mother used to think that if the son grows up and earns one day, poverty will be removed.

He got his son enrolled in a madrasa to study. All the children used to call him ‘Sheikh’. Maulvi Sahib taught that if there is a boy then he ‘eats’ and if there is a girl he ‘eats’. As Rahman is leaving, Razia is going.

One day a girl fell into a well. She was screaming for help. Shaikh came running to his companions and said that she is screaming for help. At first the boys did not understand. Then Shekh chilli took them to the well. He took the girl out. She was crying. Sheikh was repeatedly explaining- ‘Look how she is screaming. Will be fine

Someone asked- ‘Sheikh! Why are you saying ‘chilli-chilli’ over and over again?
Shaikh said- ‘If she is a girl’, she would say ‘Chilli’. If there was a boy, he would say don’t cry.
The boys understood Sheikh’s stupidity and started teasing him by calling him ‘chilli-chilli’.
His name again became ‘Sheikhchilli’.
Still Sheikh Chilli did not understand the real matter. Nor did he mind changing the name.

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