Sheikh Chilli Story

The road lives here: The Story of Sheikh chilli | Sheikh Chilli Story

One day Sheikh chilli was sitting on a culvert outside his town, along with some boys. Then a gentleman came from the city and started asking the boys, “Why brother, which road has led to Sheikh Saheb’s house?”

Everyone used to call Sheikh Chilli’s father ‘Sheikh Sahab’. Although there were many sheikhs in that village, but ‘Sheikh Sahab’ was called only Abbajan of Chilli. That person was asking about them. He wanted to go to Sheikh Saheb’s house.

But he had asked which way leads to Sheikh Saheb’s house. Shaikh chilli got the joke. He said, “Are you asking which way leads to Sheikh Saheb’s house?”

“Yeah-yes, of course!” The man replied.

Before any of the boys could speak, Sheikh chilli said, “None of these three paths go.”

“So which way does it go?”

“‘None .'”

“What do you say son?’ This is the village of Sheikh Saheb, isn’t he?

“Yes, I live in this village.”

“‘I am asking which way will lead to his house’.

“Sir, you will go home.” Sheikh Chilli replied, “These roads and roads stay here and will remain here. They don’t go anywhere. These poor people can’t walk. That’s why I said these roads, these roads lead nowhere. They stay here.” I am Chilli, the son of Sheikh Sahab. I will show the way by which you will reach home.”

“Hey son Chilli!” The man was pleased and said, “You have become very intelligent and intelligent. You were young when I came to the village. I have fed you in my lap. Come son, go home with me. Your father Sheikh Sahab is my loincloth. There are friends. And I have come to talk about your relationship. My daughter deserves you. You both will have a good pair. Now I will go only after getting engaged to both of you.”

Sheikh Chilli joined the gentleman and took him to his house. It is said that this gentleman later became the father-in-law of Sheikh Chilli.

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