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Bukhar Ka Ilaaj : Sheikh Chilli Story

Sheikh chilli was dreaming with open eyes while sitting in the verandah of his house. A giant kite was flying in his dream and Sheikhchilli was riding on it. It was such a pleasure to look down while flying in the sky. Everything seemed small. Then Ammi’s loud voice threw her out of the world of thoughts – “Sheikh chilli! Sheikh Chilli! Where are you ?
‘Aaya Ammi’, came out of the world of thoughts and reached the courtyard of Sheikh chilli’s house.

“I am going to Salma Aapa’s house. To prepare for her daughter’s wedding. I will come in the evening. If I come, I will also bring sweets for you. Till then you bring a sickle from the forest to cut grass for the neighbor’s cow. Will get some money.”
“Ji Ammi” said Sheikh chilli and picked up the sickle and got ready to go to the forest.
“Go with caution and don’t start daydreaming. Grab the sickle wisely, so that the hand should not be cut. Ammi said while explaining.
“Don’t worry at all. I will be very careful.” Shaikh consoles Ammi.

Shekh chilli set out for the forest with a sickle in his hand. While walking, he noticed the sweets that Ammi had asked to bring.
‘Which sweets will Ammi bring? Maybe gulab jamun. Delicious, brown, gulab jamuns dipped in sugar syrup.’ His mouth started watering. Suddenly there was a stumbling block on the way and Sheikh chilli came back in the present. ‘Oh, what am I doing? Ammi forbade her to dream on the way.’ He explained himself.

Well, after reaching the forest, by noon, Shekh chilli had cut a lot of grass. He made a big bundle of grass and came back with it on his head. He took the money by giving the bundle to the neighbor’s house, then he remembered that he had left the sickle in the forest itself. Had to bring back the sickle, otherwise I would have to face Ammi’s anger. Sheikh chilli ran back to the forest. The sickle was lying where he had left it. As soon as Sheikh chilli touched the sickle, he felt a jolt and the sickle was released from his hand. The iron of the sickle lying in the sun had become very hot. They were looking at the sickle upside down and trying to understand why the sickle got so hot. He was just inspecting the sickle when Jumman, who lived in his neighbourhood, passed by.

Seeing Sheikh Chilli staring at his sickle like this, Jumman asked – “What is the matter? Why are you staring at the sickle like that?”
“Something has happened to my sickle. It’s been very hot.” Shekh chilli said in a worried tone.
Jumman laughed at Sheikh’s words. Laughing to himself, he said in a serious voice from above, “Your sickle has got a fever.”
“Oh! Then it will have to be taken to Hakim. Sheikh chilli’s concern increased.

“Oh no, I know the cure for fever. My grandmother often has fever. I have seen how Hakim treats them. Come with me, I’ll treat it.” Lallan said. A plan to grab the sickle had already been hatched in his cunning mind.

Jumman walked ahead carrying a sickle and followed him by Sheikh chilli. While walking, Jumman stopped near a well and tied a rope to the sickle and hung it in the water of the well.

“Let it hang like this till evening. Its fever will subside by evening, then come and take it away.” Jumman thought that after sometime after Sheikh chilli had left, he would come and take out the sickle and sell it in the market.

Shaikh did the same and went home and slept. When he woke up in the evening, he thought of taking a look at the sickle. As soon as he left the house towards the well, the sound of someone moaning was heard from Jumman’s house. He went inside and saw that Jumman’s grandmother was moaning inconsolably. Shekhchilli touched his hand and saw, the hand was very hot. He thought, ‘Jumman’s grandmother has fever. Jumman helped me during the day. I should also help him.’

Sheikh chilli looked around. A rope was lying nearby. He tied Jumman’s grandmother with a rope and carrying it on her shoulder started carrying it towards the well. When the neighbors saw, they tried to stop them, but Sheikh Chilli did not listen to anyone and took her grandmother to the well. Reaching the well, he took out his sickle from the well. Jumman did not get time to remove the sickle as he had gone to get medicine for his grandmother. Sheikh chilli took out the sickle and kept it aside and started preparing to hang Jumman’s grandmother in the well.

On the other hand, when Jumman and his father returned from Hakim with medicines for Dadi, neighbors told that Sheikhchilli tied her in ropes and took her to the well. Both of them ran to the well and saw that Sheikhchilli was about to hang Dadi in the well.
“Hey idiot, what is he doing?” Jumman’s father shouted.
“Oh, you have come. I was treating grandmother’s fever.” Shekhchilli replied.
Is there a cure for fever like this? Which madman told you?” Jumman’s father asked, opening his mother’s ropes.
“Jumman only told me.” Shekhchilli said, pointing to Jumman.

Jumman’s father stared at Jumman. Jumman stood with his head bowed. He picked up the stick and ran towards Jumman. Now Jumman back and forth and his father back and forth.
Shocked, Sheikhchilli returned home with his sickle, where Ammi was waiting for him with Gulab Jamun.

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