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I finally get back home, get out of the car and drag my feet to my room, thank goodness I don’t have to climb steps (I’m a wreck). I reluctantly throw the backpack next to the desk and flop onto the bed, relaxing all my muscles; I caress the sheets with my fingertips, they hypnotize me with their songs like mermaids to sailors; They ask me to hug them, close my eyes and let my mind run free for a moment all day. I cannot resist and obey involuntarily.

I am about to start a brief journey through memories, but for this I need a means of transport, so I turn on the speakers and play a random song …

A guitar begins to sound, very sweet, it sneaks through my ears and moves quickly through my body, it causes me a slight chill, then his voice begins:

«I would like to write you something nice, really nice …,
I would like to write you something simple really …»

Thousands of images go through my mind at high speed, happy moments, sad moments, well-known people that I will never see again, birthdays, Christmas, vacations; I go back to school and see the child I was: he looks happy, he is with Pau, with Carlos, with Borja, he plays with Elisa, with Antonio, he laughs with Jorge; now I relive the first love and the first kiss, the following, the last … now I remember you .

«It is difficult to write something beautiful, it is an ending,
I will not end with an« I love you », I did not have time to get there …»

I can see that the hole you left for me is still empty, it begins to gather dust, no one has dared to occupy it for fear that you would return. But there is no sign of your presence, of your oceanic eyes, of the sun that paints your hair, of the silences that you filled with your smiles, of the looks that forced me to look away, of that chess game that we never finished …

“And before I leave and everything is over,
I wanted to have written you something nice, something really nice,
that didn’t end so badly …”

The song ends and with it my journey.

“I would like to write you something simple … actually …
but it’s about saying goodbye … to someone I never had.”

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