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Doubts and dice A Short Love Story | Love Stories to Read

Many times you imagine how your life will be in the future. You think about how your wife, your children, your work, your house will be… all well covered with an atmosphere of happiness, optimism and perfection. Hardly any of the premonitions will be fulfilled, but it may happen that you have some certainty that one of them can be fulfilled. What should be done then: fight for it, close the other alternatives, chain yourself to that possibility and throw the key into the sea?

People change: in appearance, in mentality, in habits, in feelings. The weather, the environment, the companies, the society; Everything influences the physical and mental make-up of a person. Yellow mixed with blue turns into green; with red on orange. You have changed.

I can’t know if you really suit me, if you are the right one, the perfect one, if you are her , the one I imagine by my side. I know you had something special, but I no longer remember what it was, time has erased it from my memory and I can no longer find anything in you to help me discover it again.

The illusion fed my hopes for a long time, they may now be on a hunger strike and slowly die … I do not know if I have tired of waiting, if I regret the lost time, if I have decided to change of scene and ventilate a heart that was just beginning to suffocate.

I think the time has come to cut the threads that bind me to a past that is too heavy, to memories as distant as they are distressing, to illusions spoiled by the storm of changes.

«I will have to draw lots for you,
cara I will never see you again, cross to love you forever»

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