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Have you ever stopped to observe the fruits? If you haven’t, take a good look at them the next time you go to the market. You will see that, although they are very different from each other, almost all of them have an exquisite smell and a spectacular color.

One of the most curious that you can find is the avocado. When you see one, approach the fruit bowl and very politely ask permission to touch it. If he gives it to you, bring your little hand closer and caress him gently. You will see that its skin is not thin like that of an apple or plum, but hard and rough like a crust. This is so because it fulfills an important function: to protect the inner pulp, which is delicate and almost as soft as butter. To eat the avocado, you have to remove the skin and the large central seed. Only the pulp, yellow or green depending on the variety, is edible. Its mild flavor is reminiscent of walnuts.

Avocado is a very healthy food and it is great if you add it cut into cubes to salads. In addition, with it you can prepare a delicious Mexican recipe that you may have heard of: guacamole sauce. When you try it, accompany it with some corn tortillas called nachos or tortilla chips. You will love it!

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