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The story of Alnascher, the fifth brother of the barber – Alif Laila

The barber said that my fifth brother’s name was Alanschar. He was very lazy and useless. Every day he would go to some friend or the other, shamelessly begging for something and lying down after eating and drinking.

After some time my father got old and died. He left three thousand one hundred and fifty rupees. All the seven brothers divided this money equally. Alnascher also got his share and thought of doing some business with him. He bought glassware worth four and a half hundred rupees and kept them in a basket and sat on the side of the road in the market. There was a tailor’s shop there. In a day or two, he became friends with the tailor.

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Alanscher was not only eloquent and foolish, but also used to build air forts. One day he said to the tailor, ‘I will sell these four and a half hundred pots for nine hundred and then take more utensils from him which I will sell for eighteen hundred. Similarly, while doing business, I will have thirty thousand rupees. Then I will buy valuable trade items like rubies, pearls etc. and make a lot of profit from them. When I have enough money, I will buy a huge house and buy slaves and slaves and I will live like nobles and my fame will be in the whole city, big singers and Kalavants will come to my place and spend night and day here. There will be colours. My business will also continue. When my wealth reaches five lakhs, I will send a message to the minister here that he should get his daughter married to me. If he accepts then fine or else I will forcefully pick up his daughter.

Then when I am married to the minister’s daughter, I will buy ten slaves and wear fine clothes like princes, and will go to the minister’s house with pride on a Aseel horse with a gem studded jean bridle. When I reach his palace, all the big and small people will look at me with awe and respect and will take me inside with full hospitality. When I want to go up, my servants and the slaves and the servants of the servants will stand on both sides to live in awe. The vizier will give me a place to sit on his seat as his son-in-law and himself will sit in front of me. I will ask my servants to bring two talents of thousands of Ashrafis. I will give one toda to the vizier that this is your daughter’s seal and give the other to you of my own free will. My generosity will start being discussed all around. Then I will come back to my house with the same gaiety.

When my wife hears that I had gone to visit her father and had given him a present, she will acknowledge my favor and will publish the gratitude by a higher employee. I’ll give that employee a nice reward. Sometimes I will be kind to my wife and go to her palace to be with her and go there also with such seriousness that I will not look left or right.

If my wife, whose face will be like a full moon moon, comes before me with great decorations, I will not even raise my eyes with pride, then her chief servants and friends will come in front of me with humility. That the master, your wife, who is like your maidservant, is waiting for your orders and standing before you. Please ask him to sit in front of you. Still I will not answer them. He will be very surprised that why I do not look at him and at my wife. They will stand in front of me for a long time and beg me to pay attention to my wife.

Then I’ll cast a kind glance at my wife, but then I’ll look back. With this attitude of mine, my wife’s servants and companions will understand that I am not angry about anything, but the decoration done by my wife is not of my mind, so they will take her to another room so that it can be refurbished. -put make up. In that time I will also get up and put on new clothes.

Even when I go to the bedroom, I will treat my wife with complete disregard. I won’t even take a look at him and don’t say a thing to him. I will sleep on the bed with my back to him. My wife would continue to shed tears for the whole night at this neglect and would cry in the morning to her mother, the minister’s wife, that my husband had treated me with pride and neglect during the night. Her mother will console her, then she will come to my palace and kiss my hand respectfully and say that Jamai Raja, do not torture my daughter so much that you stop looking at her. If he has any fault then tell me I will punish him. Well, needless to say that she is your maidservant and then it is her duty to serve you wholeheartedly. Please look at him once.

His persuasion will have no effect on me. Then my mother-in-law will come to me and kiss my feet. I will not budge on this either. Then my mother-in-law will fill a cup of wine and give it to my wife to give her husband a drink, maybe this will make him happy with you. My wife would come in front of me and stand in fear for a long time with a cup. Then she will say that you have the blessings of the same God who has made you so high, that take a pot of wine from the hand of this maid and drink it. I will take this as being rude and will slap her in the face and get up and kick her so hard that she will fall down the hallway.

My brother was so lost in his imagination that he did not even care about his situation. He got up and kicked it hard on the same crate in which his glassware was kept. The crate fell on the road and all the utensils in it were torn apart. The tailor, who was listening to his chatter with pleasure, burst into laughter. He said to my brother, Stupid, unfortunate one, you know why you have suffered this loss. The insult you have done to such a respected and beautiful woman is the result of that. If I had been in the place of your father-in-law or minister, I would have got you hundred whips for such insolence and made you ride on a donkey and roam all over the city so that people would know you as a punished criminal.

My brother also felt very sad seeing the waste of his property and started crying. Many people were coming towards the mosque for Friday prayers at that time. Hearing her crying, a crowd gathered there. People started asking what was the matter. When the tailor told them the whole situation, they all started laughing and making fun of my brother.

Coincidentally, at the same time a woman from a rich family was going somewhere on a pardewali ride and was passing through that place. He stopped the ride and asked the people of the crowd what was the matter, who was crying and what was the calamity on him. They did not tell the whole thing in a hurry, but said that a poor potteryman was keeping utensils in a crate on a platform, accidentally stumbled and all the utensils fell to the ground and got crushed. The woman felt pity. He gave a bag of ashrafis to one of his servants and said that give it to the poor poor who has suffered loss. The servant gave the bag containing five hundred asharfis to my brother Alanschar. He expressed great happiness after receiving the bag and after giving many blessings to the charitable woman, took the bag and went to his house.

In no time someone knocked on his door. When he opened the door, he saw an old woman standing. The old lady said, son, it is time for namaz. If you give me a lot of water, then I can do wudu and offer Namaz. My brother saw that she was very old, so even though she was completely unfamiliar, he brought her and gave her water. The old lady came in front of my brother after offering Namaz and bowed in front of him like bowing before God in Namaz and then got up and continued to bless him equally. Seeing her torn clothes, my brother understood that she was begging. He took out the bag of asharfis and started giving him two asharfis. The old lady did not take those asharfis. My brother Alanschar asked angrily, are you not satisfied even with so much begging? The old lady said that you misunderstood that I am a beggar. I am the maid of a very rich and beautiful girl, she gives me a lot and I don’t need begging.

My brother was a fool, he did not understand the prank of that old lady and started telling her to show us to your mistress. For this he started rewarding her. The old lady laughed and said, you keep this reward and go with me. You will not only see my mistress, it is also possible that seeing your beauty, she will marry you. If this happens then you will be really lucky, the owner of innumerable wealth and indescribable beauty. My brother went inside, dressed well and took a bag of asharfis and went with the old lady. The old lady took him in front of a big, spacious and well-decorated house. On his voice, a Greek maidservant opened the door. The old lady made her sit in a furnished place and went inside. In no time, a very beautiful young woman came and sat near him and started talking to him. He said, Take off this upper clothes and sit comfortably. Alanscher did the same. Within no time the girl went inside the house saying that I am coming now.

In no time, a big, tall negro came with a drawn sword in his hand and roared and said to my brother, what are you doing here in my house? Fear of my brother stunned. Habshi hit him several times with the sword, due to which he fell unconscious. Habshi opened the bag of Asharfis from his waist and called out to bring salt. The same Greek maid brought ground salt in a bowl. He used to ask for salt to see that if his victim did not die, then he would kill it again with a sword. Both sprinkled salt on his wounds. My brother understood his purpose, so he remained silent even after suffering.

Knowing him completely dead, the habshi and the maid went away with the bag. After a while the old lady came again and dragged my brother away and threw it into the pit in a corner where many other dead bodies were lying. My brother had fainted because of the pain during this time. He regained consciousness shortly after being thrown into the pit. The reality was that it was the salt that was added to the pain that was the reason for saving his life and giving him strength. After a while, he came out of that pit and sat buried in a corner, then hiding and hiding reached the door of the house. He would eat and drink whatever he could find somewhere. After two days, the old lady again went out in search of a new victim, she ran away after getting this opportunity and came to me and told me about all her troubles.

Within a month, all his wounds were healed and he made a full recovery. Now he plans to take revenge. He made a big bag and filled it with pieces of glass equal to the size of the ashrafis. Then he dressed up like an old lady and hid the sword inside the clothes and left with a bag in his hand.

By chance, the same deceitful old lady was found in a street. He said to her in the voice of old women, Sister, I am from Persia and I am a newcomer to this city. I have a hundred asharfis. I want them to be tested and weighed to see if they are complete and fine. Get me a scale for weighing coins from somewhere. He replied, Sister, you come with me. There is no one in this city more reliable than me. My son works as a bullion. He will thoroughly weigh and test your asharfis. But hurry, lest he run away from home to his shop.

That sinner took my brother to the same house he had taken before. The Greek maid opened the door as before and took my brother in and made him sit in a good place. The old lady said, you sit here, I will bring my son now. In no time his so-called son i.e. the same killer Nebshi came and started saying that brother, come with me. My brother Alnascher followed him in the guise of an old lady. On the way, when that ninja became careless, my brother took out a sword and hit his hand in such a way that his head was cut off. Alanschar pulled both his head and torso and put them in the same pit.

In the meantime, the Greek maid brought ground salt in the vessel, but seeing the man wearing the old woman’s clothes with a drawn sword, threw away the pot and started running. My brother grabbed him and beheaded him.

Hearing the running and screaming, the old lady also came there. But seeing the condition there, she started running after saving her life. My brother ran and caught him and said, Wicked, mischievous, did you recognize me or not. The old lady said tremblingly that I have never seen you, how will I know? My brother said, how have you not seen, I am the one from whom you had asked for water for Namaz in that street and then brought it here and made you die in your understanding. With folded hands and pleading, the old lady started saying that forgive my crime. But my brother did not take pity on him and cut him into four pieces.

Now my brother is looking for the beautiful girl with whom he had courtship earlier. She met in another room and started trembling at the sight of my brother. My brother, knowing her to be innocent, did not say any harsh words to her, but consoled her and asked, “Sundari, I have killed both those rogue women and the negro.” Now tell me who are you, where are you from and how did you get caught in the trap of these tyrants. She replied, I was the wife of a rich merchant. Sometimes this old lady used to come to my house but I did not know who she was and what she did. One day he came and told me that there is a marriage in my house. You come to join him. After much persuasion of it, I came here wearing the best of the best clothes and carrying a hundred asharfis with it. From here these people did not let me go to their house and forced me to have sex with this ninja. I live here for three years. I was deeply saddened by this negativity and compulsively involved in the misdeeds of these people but could not do anything.

My brother asked how much money these people have accumulated by killing innocent people. He said that the wealth is so much that you can live comfortably all your life. Saying this she took him to several rooms where many chests were full of coins etc. My brother’s eyes lit up seeing this. The woman told him that if you go out and bring some laborers, then let us pick up all this from here and take it away. My brother went out and ran towards the market and brought many laborers but he was surprised to see that in such a time the woman disappeared with the trunks, only in one corner was lying goods worth five hundred asharfis Was. My brother thought that come on, whatever came to hand is enough and after getting the same items from the laborers, he came to his house.

Unfortunately, after bringing the laborers, he did not lock the door of that house, nor did he lock the house when he went out. So the people around came there and seeing the laborers carrying the goods and finding the house empty, went to the Qazi’s place and told him the whole matter. One night my brother was sleeping peacefully in his house when many soldiers came and caught him and took him to the Qazi. Qazi asked him where was this stuff found. He said that I will tell you all these things truthfully but you assure me that I will not be punished. The Qazi said, I will not punish you for speaking the truth.

So my brother narrated all the incidents to him from end to end. The Qazi sent his servants to get all the goods picked up from my brother’s house and sent it to his house and did not give anything to my brother. After this he expelled my brother Alnascher from the city for two or three years so that he could not go to the Caliph and complain to him about the Qazi.

My poor brother took the two or four Asharfis that were lying in his pocket, went out of the city and went to one side, but misfortune caught him here too. After two or three days he was surrounded by bandits. They robbed him of all his wealth, even his clothes. When I came to know, I took some clothes and money and went in search of my brother and after a few days found him. Giving him clothes and money, I hid him and brought him to the city and kept him in my house. After that, I continued to feed him regularly.

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