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The toys you have fun with are nothing like the ones kids had thousands of years ago. Now there are a lot of very original and modern games thanks to technology, but the first children who inhabited our planet in a time called Prehistory, played with simple stones or sticks.

There came a time when primitive men and women, who lived in the middle of nature, realized that they could make objects with the materials they found around them. They learned how to carve ball-shaped pieces of bone and were very happy when they saw that their children had a great time rolling those little balls. They had invented one of the first toys of Humanity: marbles!

As the years passed, humans improved the technique of building objects, including toys.

In some ancient civilizations, such as the Egypt of the pharaohs, the most popular were balls and dolls. The balls were balls made of clay or papyrus. The dolls, on the other hand, were usually made of wood, in human and animal form, and were painted in bright colors to make them look prettier.

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