Reading 5th and 6th Grade

The last years of Primary represent a bridge between it and Secondary Education. For this reason, it is  essential to reinforce all the knowledge learned and prepare kids to move on to higher grades, where understanding texts will be of vital importance.

Speed ​​reading for kids in Primary: Choose yours

Speed ​​reading for upper grades

Due to this, Kahniyan proposes speed reading activities that will pose a new challenge for kids of these ages, always maintaining the appropriate level for their development.

The fifth and sixth years of primary education represent the last cycle of primary education. Therefore, the levels imposed in the programs for these courses are much higher than those of the other cycles. At these ages, reading comprehension has improved, being able to  deal with more complex texts and answer questions that require more reflection . That is why the ideal in these courses is to propose speed reading activities, in which, in addition to understanding a text, they must read it more quickly than in lower courses.

Get a fast and efficient reading

Kahniyan brings you this reading section focused on fifth and sixth grades, more specifically, it presents reading activities so that kids acquire greater reading skills and can improve in these aspects. Thanks to a series of duly prepared reading techniques for kids, it is possible for little ones to read in a much more effective way.

Each reading is accompanied, in turn, by a game that addresses explicit and implicit issues in the text, which entail some reflection. In this way, the kid’s comprehension and attention in speed reading can be tested, being able to correct, if any, the detected cadences.

Resources to practice speed reading

The speed reading activities proposed in Kahniyan are a perfect resource to be used both at home and at school. Teachers can use the proposed activities as complementary readings to the syllabus given in class, while parents can present them as an entertaining way to encourage their kid’s speed reading.

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