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Adapted by Primary World is designed and developed focusing solely on kids, so we have reviewed and prepared all the stories that you will find here so that it is accessible and easy to understand for the little ones and at the same time keep their attention and intrigue. in those who are somewhat older, thus encouraging the habit of reading from childhood.

In addition to revising and adapting each story , we have thought that it would be of great help to both parents and teachers, to offer a clear organization of our library so that you can easily find what you want or read, or if you wish, you can let yourself go. and enjoy browsing through the different storytelling sections that we have prepared for you. Which one will you start with?

Our objective from the beginning was to have the largest online library of stories , and today we have an extensive online library, all adapted and revised, so that you, as a father, mother, teacher or educator, can make use of our material. without worrying about the language, the plot or if the story is appropriately adapted for a kid’s audience; We have already done this entire process, adapting all the content.

Adventures are one of the best ways to get the little ones hooked on reading. In addition to being the perfect vehicle to deal with complex issues such as fear, anger or greed or even serve to educate in values ​​(friendship, loyalty, courage).

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Fortunately, there are many great stories and stories in the world, many storybooks are well known, but others are yet to be discovered by the general public. And what about those who are known in one country, but not in another?

There are hundreds of stories and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, and have reached our days, but have not left its borders.

The good thing about the Internet is that we can research, translate and adapt hundreds of stories written in other languages ​​so that you can learn about them and enjoy them.

If your kids or students are starting to read, it may not be the time to subject them to readings that are too long and complicated. For this reason we also have very short stories, and short stories for kids, where they can put their reading skills into practice and thus be able to develop and improve their skills.

Don’t worry if you have kids of different ages at home, here you will find the most varied stories… Does one like dragons and another elves? In Kahniyan Elementary we have stories for kids, including illustrated kid’s stories of all tastes, from the most famous that we all know, to those that surely you had not even heard the name.

In addition to being able to offer you this great online library for free, our goal was to be able to recreate an entire experience around the history that was hidden between the pages. Once we find one that we like, we think that in addition to adapting it, we should be able to offer you the option to enjoy it the way you like it.

For this reason, the literary stories  and their parts make our special something round: You can read it, listen to it or even interact with a digital book that we have prepared for the occasion… Even in many cases, you will see a small story about the story, who wrote or some curious anecdotes that we think you will like to know. You can enjoy a good example browsing our pages, we encourage you to read them and select your favorites.

Don’t have time to read to your kids?

Don’t worry, we have a large number of stories for kids that have been voiced and you can enjoy them online, both on video (in addition to the narrated adventure, you will see drawings of the characters ) and audio. So if you can’t get to reading, or you’re looking for a way to keep them entertained by listening to stories, this is the best way to do it.

You do not have to worry about the version of the narration that you will play to your kid or students, the language or the complicated words, even elements that are no longer conceived and that are typical of other times. We have reviewed each story, making sure that everything is adapted for today’s kids, and above all so that both parents and teachers can enjoy them with the certainty that their kids or students are enjoying a story and language appropriate to their needs. their age and where they live.

Primary World brings you a collection of versions adapted for primary and infant kids. The narrations  are illustrated  and designed to be read, seen or listened to, according to the needs and tastes of each one. This collection in digital format is perfect to acquire a  habit and taste for reading . Here you will find a wide variety of adventures to tell for a long time.

Delve into the exciting stories that we present to you. Live a thousand adventures with the intrepid characters of each story. Immerse yourself in fantastic worlds from our great selection of adventures for boys and girls. The most entertaining kid’s reading ever!

Kahniyan Elementary understands the cultural and educational importance of reading. Therefore, this portal seeks to offer a wide variety of stories of all kinds coming from all over the world. Thus, each person will be able to search and, above all, find, favorite. These are mostly popular stories that have been passed down for many generations.
This type of narration is the way in which, for centuries, the lessons have been transmitted from generation to generation. Its narrative and simple form becomes the perfect vehicle to teach important notions about life to the smallest of families.

It is important to emphasize the importance of narratives as a mirror of different cultures. The values, beliefs and customs are reflected in the stories of each region. Therefore, knowledge of these stories provides a multicultural perspective, bringing us closer to cultures that, in reality, are thousands of kilometers away from us.

Primary World presents you with adaptations of great stories that the little ones can follow without any problem. In addition, you can find them in different formats, such as audio and video, to reach all ages.

All are adapted to be a suitable reading at the level of kid both in length and difficulty. In addition, each one of them aims to serve as an educational resource to transmit values ​​and teachings to kids. In this way, while having fun reading, they will learn important lessons.

Don’t wait any longer and start your own story. To read!

Short stories for primary school kids are perfect to read before bedtime and help kids to develop their imagination and improve their reading and writing skills . With language adapted to their knowledge and illustrations specially designed for the stories, kids will enjoy the classics like they have never seen them before.

There are four ways to view them :

  • Text : Its simplest form, perfect for reading without distractions.
  • Flipbook : Discover an interactive and very easy to use tool. The flipbook format is available from any device such as computers, smartphones or tablets. They are also voiced and the turning of the pages is interactive.
  • Video : Enjoy the video format, a simple way to get carried away by the adventures guided by the locution, the story and the illustrations.
  • Audio stories : Perfect for bedtime, they present the stories in a much more dynamic way, giving voice to the different characters and immersing kids in fantastic worlds and developing the imagination.

They are educational and aim not only to entertain, but also to provide knowledge and resources to their readers. We must not forget that the acquisition of a reading habit is essential when learning to write and express oneself correctly and that this ability has repercussions in all areas of life, which is why it is so important.

The stimulation of the imagination, through reading, is the best way to generate a taste for reading and develop the language skills of primary and infant boys and girls.

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